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Zipazoid. Dude, why the attitude? First off, I'm just sharing my knowledge. I've lived my entire life in South Florida so don't need a lecture.    A) Not all courses down here have bad mosquitos in the summer. Usually just ones that are out West. Crandon is an exception being East. So the advice is relevant. Bring bug spray and it should be fine. Don't bring bug spray and you'll be miserable.    B) I didn't say anything about hills, so not sure where you're going...
I've heard Crandon has crazy mosquitos in the summer time, too. Regardless, you deal with these things pretty much anywhere in So. Florida.    I too am a big fan of Miami Beach Golf Club. Great course, but yes agree it is very pricy.    If you are mobile at all, I would suggest hopping on I-95 and going up to Emerald Hills in Hollywood. Old school difficult test of golf with some really funky holes.   
A buddy of mine played Old Corkscrew and said it was the hardest course he's ever played. He's a good player too.     
Also, I recently played the following   Celebration: Very nice course routed through a community that is almost too perfect, like Truman show. Very nice natural areas. Challenging holes.    Waldorf-Astoria: Pristine Course through the Wilderness and HARD. Bunker lined fairways and highly sloped greens. Highest round I've shot in probably 10 years.    Ritz-Carlton: Greg Norman course that was a lot of fun to play. Challenging but not punitive. No homes on the...
Played my 2nd golf trip at Orange County two weeks back. It was fun as always. Crooked Cat was in great shape. Panther Lake was in great shape too, except the greens. They were a little rough. However, they just put in TifEagle greens so that is to be expected. They will eventually be very good I'm sure. Love these courses, very different but nothing to look at but beautiful wilderness.     
I've played both twice and Panther Lake is the way to go in my opinion. Crooked is fun but doesn't offer the amazing selection of holes and scenery that PL does. 
Actually, this is where I got a little nervous.   
Maybe PGA Village? 
Just got back from a trip to Barton. Played the three courses that you did. They were all great. However, we all preferred the Fazio courses to the Crenshaw. The greens on the Crenshaw course were insane and borderline unfair. What I couldn't figure out is why the slope was much lower 121 (tips) then the two Fazio courses which were pushing 140.    Anyways, the Fazio Canyon course is ranked among the best in Texas all around and #1 resort. It was absolutely gorgeous...
Hey everybody, look at me.
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