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Mine does it by course handicap. 7 and under is championship flight, 8-13 is A, and so on.... Since we all play the same tees on the first day, a player from a lower flight also has the option of ditching their flight after the first round and play for the championship if they choose. But they forfeit the flight they came from, and we play all the way back on day 2. It will often occur that somebody from the A flight posts a good first round, and prefers to take his...
Now that was a gangsta ass shot.
Ive sorta been where tiger is. Ive cheated on a longtime girlfriend myself. Its not so much lack of care or respect for the other woman, its just an impulse that can be difficult to resist. And im just a normal dude and not a mega star that has woman throwing themselves at me daily. Im not defending the action, because it is embarrassing and degrading to the woman, but often we don't think about these things when the booty is involved.
I feel bad for Furyk..but this is kinda funny.. Perhaps he should stop partying like a demon and get his priorities strait!
Yeah, thats what i meant. I would just like to see a real amateur player win one again.
It looks very similar to my swing, especially that little lateral head movement you make coming back down. I make a similar move and then end up having to lift out a bit.
I agree with a lot of the sentiment so far. Obviously that was a shot some of us would struggle with, but for a pro with a clean lie and a open line of sight, it wasn't has difficult as it was blown up to be. It was a good shot, not a great one.
They dont seem much different from recent models, besides the whole z-thing. I used to play the 695's and they are stronger lofted than the new 710's. But i think the playing characteristics are very similar, just with minor tweaks in club design. If he is switching from the AP2's, the 710 cb's seem like a natural choice.
YE Yang's 3 Hybrid at the 09 PGA. That is the best shot ive ever seen, overall. He stepped right on tigers throat with that shot.
I interviewed with Acushnet's marketing people over the winter, and they do passive/aggressively brand titleist toward better players, and are/were more aggressive towards the everyday golfer with their cobra and nxt ball brands. (cobra now sold to puma) As far as marketing goes, Davis Love is still the Titleist brand player and what most closely conveys their vision for the brand. So overall i dont think the loss of Villegas hurts Acushnet marketing strategy. Their...
New Posts  All Forums: