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I think its funny since chipper was quoted as saying "this isnt a team that is going to blow out a team 10-1" the braves have been droppin the hammer on bitches..lol.
I know a guy that seems like he never hits a fairway or green, but still manages to carry a five handicap. He is a scramble machine.
I hope a real amateur like this wins the US am instead of some junior professional that will just end up flaming out in the nationwide tour.
You want a complicated one, that nobody understands but its woman.
I hope tiger raises a little tiger or tigress, and they go on tour. But to do that, he will have to sacrifice his game. I think he will.
Me too. If i manage to turn my shoulder behind the ball, it means i completed my backswing. If i don't, i means i just dragged my hands and arms inside with no shoulder turn. Ill end up reversing my pivot when i do this and stub the club in the ground on the way back down.
I bet you feel enormously sorry for him. How bout lending tiger a helping hand, then?
Or sinkin birdies and chicks....
This happened to me last wednesday. Almost identical situation. I called the pro-shop and they sent the pro out in a cart to resolve it. I got my ball back on the next hole.
Yeah...that seems a little weird. An OTT move is usually back down, though it starts with the backswing. Maybe you're just spinning yourself out, and not realizing it?
New Posts  All Forums: