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The dude also doubles as the starter, and alot of players have had problems with him. He works for free (only gets playing privileges) so its hard to ask for a firing. Whats even more scary is that he been a marshall at several state am events. The ruling made no sense to me, but i was too frustrated to argue. I posted my correct score this afternoon and plan to confront him on the ruling this weekend.
Now he can get back to chasing tail and winning tourneys.
I was down by three going into the last hole in a club tourney yesterday. Par 5, around 525. I have about 230 to the front edge and a front pin. Deep bunkers protect the green on both sides and the run up area to the green is narrow. So i pull out my 17 hybrid (no other choice really) and hit a good shot. It took some kind of weird forward bounce and the ball ends up rolling through the green into the greenside rough. I choked from there and ended up with only a par. The...
About the same for me. Im on pace to post around 45-50 rounds this season.
I dunno, i think he finished 4th or 5th gross. He finished second net, though. As tight as that old guy is i don't think you could shove a needle up his rear.
It didn't effect the outcome, i still finished 3rd. But still i thought it was a little outrageous.
I thought as such, that didn't make any sense to me. I think he misread the rule and thought of equipment and clubs as being the same. I will challenge him on this ruling when i see him this weekend. I have this book with a list of noted rulings and couldn't find anything on it with regards to equipment penalties. Matter of fact, the only way it seems you can get penalized with your equipment is when it is hit with a ball.
This weekend i was playing in a club tournament. I was in the final group battling for the win. I fell a few shots short. But anyway, during the round i put my umbrella in a competitors cart. (i was walking) Since i put my umbrella in the cart, then that cart now becomes apart of my equipment. I understand that. During the round, the windshield from his cart falls off and he doesn't repair it, puts it in the back, and drives on. We complete the round and the old idiot...
Fairways, greens and two putts is how i usually "go low" Which for me is around par. I probably average less than two birdies a round. Well done on the round. Remember that mindset you were in so that you dont get scared of success next time youre having a good round.
My instructor bought a k15 driver and plans to use it in his sectional PGA tourneys. He is that found of it. Not too sure how titleist is going to feel about that..but whatever..
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