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Oh just hit the damn ball and sort out the rest later...lol.
Nah, not really. Its still generally the same shot. Open it up and accelerate. The only way you will blade it is if you flip your hands. The ball will likely shoot out lower, and that is an adjustment you have to make over a normal bunker shot. The 60/7 would probably be a better club for that scenario. I use a 58/12 for nearly all my green side bunker shots. In that type of hard packed wet sand, i usually just take a more aggressive and steep swing.
Think again.....
13. The crotchety old starter who thinks he is god.
The greenside bunker shot is the easiest shot in the game, IMO. You dont have to hit the ball... Just some things for a run of the mill 10-15 yd bunker shot.... Open the face...when you think its open enough, open it up some more. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce is your friend. wide stance (shoulder length) and hands lower than normal. weight forward - I like to kink in my right knee a little so i dont sway. accelerate- I dont think the length of the backswing is...
Any clean lie and open line is bread and butta for me, regardless of the yardage is.
Tiger is gumby. I think i would tear myself in half if i made a turn like that..lol.
That sounds like it hurts...lol. But no, i dont do that. Both my feet are slightly flared open at address. I like to stay loose and free.
It might be, but i think that model has a pretty good amount of toe flow. If you fancy yourself a strait back and through putter then a face balanced model would be better.
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