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Its more specific rapid fire type of exercise. I do lift light weights, but for example, one of my main exercises is throwing a 20 pd medicine ball into a wall or a buddies hands. You work the movement that way.
For golf, explosion type exercises work best. It defiantly helps. You retain your energy levels much longer. So your swing at the beginning, is the same at the end.
He traditionally does very well in match play, and if his game is back on form we will know there. He can grind his way to a victory.
I agree mostly with what everyone else has said, but something else i would add is that you spend alot of time over the ball. And all the time you where behind it, you only quickly glanced once where you where aiming at. You need to stare that target down like it stole your girlfriend! Everyone is wired differently of course, but i tend to think once you step in behind the ball, it should be in the air less than 10 seconds later.
Unless somebody else is paying, probably never. No round of golf is worth $500+ dollars, IMO. The only exception i might make is for the Old Course.
I've never been a real big fan of these things. When i come around one, i use it for a day or two, and then forget about it. But one that has really stuck with me is this dave pelz putting tutor. I've been using it for about a month now. Im not really making any more putts than i usually do, but i am defiantly a more confident putter. My misses have become much more small. My alignment, face angle, and roll are also much much much better. Its a really simple device and...
He'll win, but he really missed a chance to get some majors in his bag this year. the old course and pebble are not back for another 5 years, and by then the tiger we knew of will likely be gone. I think he will get a major next year (likely at the PGA or US Open) and 3 or 4 other wins. I like Tiger at the match play next year.
I play all of my pitch shots with an open face. The type of lie i have depends on how much spin on the ball i impart. If i have a clean lie, i actually end up putting more spin on the ball with an open face than with the face square or closed. From greenside rough, i lay it flat and basically hit a bunker shot. When using the bounce on the wedge, this shot is practically idiot proof. An open face in the greenside rough also helps prevent the grass from grabbing the hosel.
Tiger, Zach Johnson, O'Hair, Fred Couples
New Posts  All Forums: