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No, i dont think so. Its a moveable obstruction not in a hazard.
I dunno..it just kinda goes away on its own for me. But i guess practice hitting some chips with your weight neutral instead of all over your left side. When i shank chips and wedges, my weight gets so far left that i end up pivoting too much on that leg, then then i end up swinging out and over.
I still do this from time to time myself. Chances are, you are swinging too much left (OTT) and and throwing your hands at the ball at the same time. Thats what i do anyway. I rotate left too fast.
I dont think swing weight means that much, even to elite players. I would guess overall weight is more important. I have a roll of half inch lead tape at home, and a one inch strip of that is 2 grams i think. My pro says adding 4-5 inches will change the swing weight of a club by one point
I hit alot of blocks myself (especially off the tee), and i will attest that they feel horrible.
He likely gets a percentage of earnings, perhaps a fixed salary too. Last i read a tour caddie usually gets around 10% of his players earnings.
I likley spend around $13-1500 per year for club dues, tourney entries, and other greens fees, but i don't replace equipment very often so it varies. Ill probably use my current set of clubs for the next several years, with only new wedges on the horizon. After that its just balls, the odd apparel buy, and gloves, which is probably around $300 per season.
The golf golds are going to punish you, now. Youre a dead man.
I was screwing around with the 3iron from my set, yesterday. There are certain situations where a 3i might be useful for me, but man, im glad i don't use that thing anymore..lol.
Its possible, i guess. But ive never heard about shaft degradation before. Players don't usually keep a particular club (or clubs) long enough to find out.
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