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I agree. Whats tiger going to gain by switching caddies at this point?
For me, i have come full circle. My quest of being the best 2 handicap ever is complete.
Im the best 2 handicap in golf history.
I agree with out in 30 as well.
hahahahahahaha! oh man please.... i mean, they're going to get smacked by the euros anyway. Might as well have some fun!
Looks like a soild swing there! Awesome!
I think Pavin is using the system that Paul Azinger implemented. Only points from this season are counted.If the system went back two years, Tiger would probably be 4th or 5th in the standings. Tiger has won twice as many tourneys as anyone in that period.
Thats what im saying... Tiger ranks 12 in the standings right now, which means Pavin would have to conceivably pick a player ranked lower than that to fill the team. So how is a player who has a had a lesser season supposed to be a better player than Tiger?
Tavaris Jackson....PWNT!!!!
Yeah, as long as you saved the scores with the months you shot them in, then the club should input them for you.
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