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When you rejoin the club you should get all that info back.
I would say the policy from the product manufacturer is more important than GG policy.
Its BILL BRASKY! Dont you know Bill Brasky pisses whisky and shits lava?
Its not all that bad. You could probably be a consistent 80's shooter with that swing, which isnt bad. You do sway off the ball in the backswing, but that is more of an issue for a teaching pro.
DJ and Bubba wouldn't be a good pairing, IMO. Just a fan friendly one. I think DJ and Tiger would be a good pairing, though. But overall, i dont really care who gets paired with who, i tend to just watch the golf during these things. Just like any other tournament.
Sure they do. Lorena Ochoa hit 3 strait drives OB last year i think...lol
I holed a 2nd shot into a par 4 from 155ish last year.
They all miss as badly as 10 handicaps at times. Its just as difficult for them as it is for us. Just don't single out tiger for the bearer off all bad golf.
Control! You must learn control! But seriously, my preshot routine is the same with driver as any other club. I pick out a target (perhaps a tree or bunker) line up and fire. Its totally brainless. Im not thinking about anything except the target i have picked out. In alot of ways, i don't even care how far the ball goes as long as the line is good.
I dont know, he has always been erratic with that club. But also he isnt as bad off the tee as it appears, its just his bad ones are soo bad it grabs attention.
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