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I'm heading to The Heritage for the first time and am looking forward to it.   Any recommendations on certain holes or best places to watch the action? (The 18th is a gimme obviously). I'll be there just one round so would like to maximize the day.   I like Luke Donald to win: shorter course and he's a terrific iron player. Looks like a solid field overall.   TW
I developed the shanks with my irons this past fall and they are still with me. I hit some range balls today and with wedges I either hit grounders or weak snap slices.   I hit my hybrids and driver pretty well, however I noticed today that most of them were on the hozel side of the face. With the irons they were severely hozel-side or right off the hozel itself.   I'm going to get another lesson here shortly, but first I need some swing thoughts so as to...
I've seen the commercial as well, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger on the club. My iron play is weak, but I'm going to try puting something behind the ball a few inches and see if I can improve hitting down on the ball better. Tall tees, a shoebox top could work. I think I saw on The Haney Project where Rush had to hit and avoid a lie board behind the ball. Just a few ideas.   TW
I think any of the popular soft balls in the $15-25 range will work just fine. The only thing I'd recommend is that you see how the ball reacts around the green on chips and pitches.   Understanding the spin or lack thereof will help you figure out where to land the ball so it can roll out the right distance. That's where you can save shots.   TW
NXT Tour is my current ball. Great soft feel off irons and putter. Good durability and consistent flight for me. I was playing the ProV1 for a bit, but I like a bit more roll out on my chips and the spin was working against me. Better roll out with the NXT Tour.   Also like playing the AD333, e5, Wilson FG Tour, and Penta. I'd like to try the Callaway i(s).   TW
I would take a different approach. I'd focus on how a ball reacts around the green with your wedges and putter because that's where you can shave the most strokes from your game.   I've played most of the well known brand balls and haven't noticed a real difference off the tee, but definitely have seen how they react 50 yards and in.   Just using Titleist as an example, I'd buy a sleeve of three different kinds, like the SoLo (soft 2 piece), NXT Tour (soft 3...
Thanks for the course and restaurant recommendations.   The price of my flight just dropped significantly so I booked it. Looking forward to seeing this part of the country for the first time.   Will read up on the courses and establishments. Keep the ideas coming...   TW
Hey folks, Hoping to head down to the HH/Savannah area in April to see The Heritage tournament. Would also like to experience playing a couple of rounds while I'm there. Looking for a couple of nice courses, ideally: public, <$100 greens fee, slope 125-135. Open to restaurant ideas, too! Thanks in advance, TW
Another option is to look at the MX-200. Similar to the 300, just a bit of a larger clubface. Still has that famous Mizuno feel to them and with the new models coming out, perhaps you can find a deal on the 200s. TW
Yep, find a 11.5-13* driver and cut it down a couple of inches. TW
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