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Though he still wrecks many a round , when in the crap Ive got to stop thinking what would Seve do .
Anyone interested by the way How Rory won the US Open http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012gqzc/Rory_Major_Breakthrough/ 
Many observers , fellow players and teaching pros have all surgested the the young lad has it all , in bundles . Who am I to dissagree . I guess as long as he keeps his fitness and health he will be there or there abouts in all he enters. As we saw at the masters his weakness may be in the head ,if he can defeat that demon which I think he will I'd put him down , with a fair wind for 19 +   Yes he is that good.
When the Americans are doing well its Americans this , Americans that. When they arnt doing so well its , well I dont care about nationalities , its individuals . .   Come on guys ,The reason your falling behind is because you put too much stock on how far you hit your drives ,playing target golf on mickey mouse courses  (gee wiz looka the backspin , crap)  Played with an American who came over on a work exchange , said he played off 6 , not on my course he diddnt...
    The  European tour has better golfers playing in it than the PGA at this time . Get over it !   Having seen the types of courses both tours play on Im not suprised . The American idea of a golf course is all very simular ,manicured target golf , ( Big drive, 8 iron , Ooo look at that backspin crap)  The Europeans play a variety of course types and have a far wider range to their golfing skills. Im not saying that the US boys havn't got the tallent, there are...
My hero has gone and I should be sad but I will not to be . The memory of that smile will keep me strong.   RIP   Seve ,, legend  
First impressions go along way. First point of contact is normally the pro shop.If you get a good feeling to start with the rest of the day normally follows suit.Of course you cant turn a goat track into Augusta by having welcoming staff and a tidy car park but I have found those who make the effort at base camp have normally done the same on the course.  
As the US has in the past,we here in the UK again need your help and support against the Fedralist Europeans in there quest to conquer Europe. The people are saying NO loud and clear to the madness that is the EU. Nobody is listerning,the EU has taken control of all aspects of our lives,burdinging us with red tape and over regulation. Our pathetic government has even recently handed over the regulation of the City of London to EU bureacrats.The next time you call...
Is this a thread on favourite songs or favourite Dead people ?
Throw your driver away ,1 iron off the tee,   Go back to a driver when your in single figures ,Simples!
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