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pics? i have a white hot xg #1 35"
i am VERY interested. im pming you right now
I am looking for a different driver doesnt have to be amazingly new but dont want one to used. preferably a D2, G10, or FT5. i am open to anything i have a Hibore Xl 9.5 fuji red tour stiff
prob a long shot but trade for Hibor XL and 35 bucks?
hello i jsut got some bridgestone j33bs so these are for sale 4-gap but the gap wedge needs to be reshafted. im not sure what kind of price i am looking for prices anyone?
the irons i will be getting next have these shafts but i dont know much about them. Please someone give alittle reveiw, what kind of swing does someone have to usually have to hit these? thanks a bunch
hello i am looking to get some more bladed kinda irons. i would like to get the Bridgestone j-36 but will take other offers. These irons are the action flighted true temper shafts. regular flex but kind of play like a stiff. I would rather trade but if i did sell i would need at least 400. these are about 8/10 condition wise. It is 4-gap thanks for looking
trade for hibore XL or cobra baffler hybrid?
trade for CG golds?
you willing to trade the D2?
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