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Could someone explain early extension and "the wall"? I've never heard these terms.
I don't use seven different clubs to play my course now. I could go out with a 7I, 56º and putter and probably shoot better than I do with the other clubs.
I've only ever had 2 birdies, and they weren't in a row. I can string the pars together from time to time, though.
Metal version of this.   http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/wilson-ultra-153-plastic-putting-cup/pid-776222
I hope this is true. It means +2 or +3 should be right around the corner   The way I stunk up my iron shots today suggests otherwise.
Today was one of those days that make you question if you should bother playing anymore. Last Thursday I went +3 over six holes (it got dark). Today o got to play the whole 18, and shot a 55 on the first 9, and 51 on the second nine. I just couldn't swing the club today to save my life! I'd duck hook one, then slice the next one, then a pull, then a push.... I was chunking them fat so bad I thought I was going to strike oil. I shot a bloody 10 on a par five that I was...
I have fantastic results looking at the hole on lag puts. I don't think hitting a baseball is a good analogy. Golf balls aren't coming at you  on an unpredictable path at 90MPH. It's more like shooting a free throw. You don't stare at your hand, you stare at the hoop. I also think it's like throwing darts. I tend to do better if I focus on the target and let my mind and body work out the physics.   That being said, I still try to make myself do it conventionally, despite...
My apologies to the mod that had to combine these. I didn't realize I had already posted one two years ago, lol. 
I've been Playing Golf for:​ Maybe a cumulative year out of the last 20. My current handicap index or average score is: Low to mid 40s over 9. My typical ball flight is: Straight or a fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: At this point, probably the occasional fat shot.     Videos:  These are a bit old, but a good representation of my swing. I will try to get some more recent ones to post soon.  
I'm getting my official handicap in January, and am trying to rack up some scores to enter, and in the meantime I'm recording rounds in Scorecard, but didn't know how to enter partial rounds.
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