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The rife putters do role the ball well. I would entertain the yes putter as well if there is a style you like in it. Yes putters have low loft (2.5*) not sure if that would be good for your putting stroke or not. A really wealthy guy here in Lafayette where I live just bought part of Rife. His last name is Marino, he owns a really big oil company here. Just thought I would throw that in.
Every store is different. I would go visit both to get a real feal for each sites service.
Agreed aboout the normal golf stores. Finding a store that has selections of multiple heads and shafts is sort of difficult where I am at. Golfballs.com is the best selection. Right now I am hitting the 07 Burner 10.5* stiff flex. It is a light shaft 50 grams. I am not sure what the kickpoint is on it. I feel like the shaft is a little to light for me. Seems like the shaft bends maybe to much at impact.
Hello everyone. I was hoping that I could reach out to you all to see if any of you had any knowledge of where or how is the best way to get fit for driver, woods, and hybrids? I have always been fit for my irons and wedges, but have never been properly analized for woods and hybrids. I have purchased many different drivers and have not yet found full success. The problem that I cross is in my swing I do not get an abudance of wrist hinge, which causes me to have to...
Well done Erik. Your findings are similiar/identical to mine. I have been playing the AP2's for 2 weeks now and find a tremendous difference. Before these clubs I was hitting the 755's. The difference in consistency of shots, height of ball flight, feel of shots, looks of club, and workability as far from the 755's. Technology is getting better and better and it is shown in the AP2's.
I'm going to have to go with Ecco. I have the footjoy, ecco, nike, and addidas. Given every model feels different from the classics to the powerbands. Ecco are my most comfortable shoes.
I was hitting the 755's, and just went to the AP2's on Tuesday. I have played twice on the Robert Trent Jones Trail with them, and I will say that I love them. They set up great to the ball and are very crisp. The feel of the AP2's compared to the 755's are very different in my opinion. Another set that I really liked where the MX25's. I didn't care for the MP57's to much. My though process was that the MX25 and the AP2's felt the same to me, so then I went to...
I too like the Z-URS balls. I used to play the ProV1X, but I found with my Titleist "Spin Milled" Wedges the ball got tore up very quickly because of the grooves. The cover on the Srixon holds up better than the Titleist in my opinion. I could hit a Titleist once with my Spin Mill and tear "fish scales" if you want to call it that in the cover. If anyone else is expereincing the same thing I would suggest trying the Srixon. Z-URS and Z-URC are both good balls that do...
I struck my irons pretty well today too. It's funny how one day I am all about buying game improvement irons, because I hit my irons bad, then the next day I decide to stick with a player club. I think my final decision is to get 5-6 in the AP1 and 7-P in the AP2. Now I need to figure out which shaft is right.
Let me know what you think about the AP's. I may go out to a neighboring CC to their demo day. I know Titleist will be out there. Take care.
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