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I've been using one since the Masters (where I was very impressed with KJ). So far I've found it very good. It is quite a change from a normal grip (and a pain getting the club into and out of the bag...) however I'm pretty convinced it is helping my putting. I find I get a much better feel for the swing of the club head which has really helped my lag putting and on the short putts it seems easier to get a feel for a square face at impact. I'm certainly rolling them in...
Yes - I have this problem when teeing off with my 3 wood. As per above I tend to tee slightly too high and then lunge a little. I had a low profile Titleist 906f4 with embarassing damage to the crown... recently changed club!
Anyone any update on this. I just bought a SuperStroke grip after being impressed with KJ during the Masters. anyone used this grip? I definetly get a bit twitchy with my hands when putting so am hopeful for some assitance/beneift from the grip.
I hope he plays well. It would be great to see him mounting a charge on Sunday as per last year.
Delighted to read this news. It'll be great to have Tiger back on the golf course.
Yes. At my club (and I think many clubs in the UK) it's traditional for anyone getting a hole in one to purchase a bottle of Whisky and anyone who wants a drink is welcome to a nip. It is not tradition to purchase individual drinks. I like this tradition, it doesn't cost much (most clubs supply the whisky close to cost) and it allows everyone to join the celebration of a relatively unusual event which is good for club atmosphere. It's also becoming common in the...
Thanks - have PM'd
I haven't seen an update on this in a while? Concept sounds really interesting; what is th latest re: launch?
I own a 'Putting Rail' designed by Harold Swash (who is part of the development team at Yes!). The rail looks like a metal metre stick which you have to putt the ball along, if the ball falls from the rail that means you putter head was not square at impact. I think the putting rail is a good aid as it suits any kind of putting swing path and really helps with focus on short putts.
I've got a 13 degree Sonartec GS Tour - its a truly beautiful club, however I cannot hit it and it lives in my garage. I'm poor with it off the tee and terrible from the fairway! I'd agree with many of the comments above; get a little more loft on your driver and play at least 15 degrees on your fairway wood.
New Posts  All Forums: