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if you ride a bike for the first time after a year, it gets wobbly for the first few minutes.   that's golf... there is always refinement, but you quickly gets into smooth ride if the technique is correct - the solid fundamentals - good set up, balance, grip, swing path, kinetic chain, body/arm unity.   short of good fundamentals, then the golfer is at the mercy of massive amount of practice to maintain a short period of playing grooved but flawed ways.
flaws are flaws - they can be somehow compensated by grooving, but it always come back and bite you in the rear.   once you have good technique, golf is like riding a bicycle.... you will never forget it simply due to lack of practice.
well, i was trying to make a point about margin for error, so bunkers / trees actually make a straight fairway not straight :)   golf being aerial is not relevant... if the ball follows the shape of the hole, then both the aerial and the ground (run off) part have more chance to end up in good places than bad.... dogleg to the left, does a draw have more chance of staying on the fairway, or does a fade... that's pretty obvious.   but for the purpose of this...
always thought that the shot shaping is more about going with the shape of the hole (i.e. shape of the fairways and greens and where the pin is)... than about margin for error.   in other words, if every fairway is dead straight, and every pin is in the dead center of a perfect circle green..... how much advantage is still there to shape the shots... I do agree with Jack N's theory about 'fading has advantage'... but I think it comes also from the fact that a fade...
the most reliable tempo is gravity - the G force constant.   try to feel the gravity in the forward press - take back - downswing sequence....    instead of trying to rely on some artificial rythm aid.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFGrmHocmjM   starting at 3:50 - explanation of grip pressure.
this is over-complicating things.   just do a balanced comfortable practice swing, that takes a divot on the grass or does a brush on the mat... then just put the club head at where the divot or the brush mark is, that is the right distance to the ball.   got this from shawn clement.
golfing 'journeys' are as boring as fishing stories.
not to step on anybody's toes :)   just grab an iron, (anything from 5i to SW), grip it like a putter and swing it like a putter... putting stance, rock the shoulder.   you can even use hybrid/woods (even a driver lol) with this method.... actually, golf stores sell them 'chipper' clubs... that have similar grip and head weight as putter, except with lofted faces.   chipping has to be one of the easiest shots in golf, there is NOT MUCH to it.
funny people get all excited whenever they see the slightest hint of political incorrectness...    it was a joke.. sure it's a sport in a general sense... but in my own definition, it's not a sport if the heart rate never goes above 100.
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