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Nice setup you have, wish I lived in the area I would take you up on your offer to try it out. I have been thinking about getting something like the vector pro or the p3 proswing setup to practice in the summer as its too hot to play when its 120 here in Phoenix. My question is does the vector pro come with any courses you can play like the p3 does? I've used a vector pro at golfsmith and its nice but it was just setup with like a driving range which is nice but...
I just wanted to ask a question. How is everyone using the Moveable weights on the spider? I have one and was just wondering. I understand putting in matching heavier or lighter weights to increase or decrease weight. Would there be any reason to have the weights not match? Thanks
I think it was created to help disabled people but I think single person carts are a better idea than the 2 person carts.
I can say that I would like to buy a golf segway before I buy a single person or 2 person golf cart. Those segways look really cool. How much are those again
I did a search and didn't find anything on this here so I wanted to post it. The Phoenix municipal courses have these, atleast there website says they do. I just started playing and have only played one of the 9 hole courses and walked with a cart. But these really sound like a good idea and would speed up the pace of play. I think they are a great idea and I would love to opt for one of these instead of going with someone else in a 2 person cart. I don't think I...
Erik Is there a repair tool that I can buy somewhere that is like the recommended tools in the picture. I have looked at the tools available in the golf store and all of them have thick dull prongs. Thanks
I just recently purchased a Skycaddie SG3, I liked that it used regular replaceable batteries. I know that I would forget to charge the battery otherwise, now I just put spares in my golf bag. Also, I think I read that the Skycaddie units are by Magellan. Anyway, havn't been able to use it much but I like it. I would go check out Skycaddies website and see if the courses you play are mapped already, if they are 4 star mapped then you get the intelli green which shows...
I was also thinking of getting some blades to practice with and use when taking lessons. But only for the range. When I go play on a course I would use my used set of Ping G5 irons. Would this be a good idea or would practicing with the blades make it harder to use the other set on the course. I was thinking of getting some good condition used blades all from the set set and get like a 5i, 7i, and 9i. Use those to practice with along with my hybrids and 3w. What...
I'm only 26 and just started playing again after 8 or 10 so years off. I would have no problem playing with juniors as I remember playing as one. Right now I'm still getting my swing back so I havn't even played any rounds yet but would play with a junior as long as they don't mind playing with me
Thanks David. I am going to find a store that has the G30 lenses and see how they do in the bright sunlight here. I have a feeling that they arn't going to work for the majority of days here but I'll check them out.
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