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I remember during the Tavistock cup this year, the announcer said Tiger's course handicap was a +16. How is that even possible lol
Yes, the 4 custom points are in addition to F, C, B I've had mine for 3 months, and I use it every week. I've only had to charge it once so far. If the battery starts to lose life in about a year, I don't see it needing a charge in the middle of a round. By the time the battery becomes a problem, I would have gotten my money's worth x2. I usually clip mine on my right side (backswing side) and I've never had a problem with obstruction. Barely even notice it's there.
Can't offer any opinions on those since I've never been. But I hear a lot of great things about Desert Pines from my golf buddies. If you don't mind spending a little more dough, Lake Las Vegas has beautiful golf courses. But they are very pricey lol
Great choice on driver. I've been hitting mine for about 3 months now and I love it! It is a very forgiving club for all levels of golfers.
I should have clarified my statement a little more. What I meant was outside of school endorsed/owned equipment, you can't get anything for free :)
I wish I could get off work, but I don't see that happening since I'm off Monday. If that changes, I'll definately shoot you a PM and we can definately set something up. Tough choice between the two. I've only been to LV National once and it's more of a tourist stop so the condition of the course depends on the amount of out of town traffic that week. The prices are great though. Legacy however is always in immaculate condition. And I play there every week. Might...
Oh ya, there's that also lol
Good luck on the Mini-Tour Ben! Hope to see you on the nationwide/pga tour soon. Underparnv - If you have the funds, I say go for it and see how far you get. What's the worst that could happen? :)
My middle name is "Birdie to Bogey". I hit the GIR, then 3+ putt my way to shame.
You can't get free stuff while you are on a collegiate team. It's against NCAA rules. It prevents rich alum/boosters from swaying a potential recruit from joining the college. The NCAA is VERY strict on what you can and can't recieve. Good example is Reggie Bush. He's in hot water for all the "free" stuff he got while at USC.
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