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  280 ish or so hopefully in the fairway or at least playable. 280 in the woods is another story still not your driver either way. work on that short game ! Drive for show, putt for dough.
Coming from downtown [post code 60604] Harborside is probably the best overall bet. Just played it last weekend.   Not sure about club rentals at any of the suggested places.   Another suggestion Marovitz. only 9 holes. I have heard pace of play may be slow at times, but is close by   http://www.cpdgolf.com/Sydney-R-Marovitz-Golf-Course.html   Nearby driving range   http://www.cpdgolf.com/Diversey-Driving-Range-Golf-Facility.html     Two...
Just caught this one 4 pages in. Unfortunately I have to work 3 Saturdays a month.  A day most normal people have off. I do have Sundays available. I'll try to keep on eye on the thread.   Sam
Jeff Knox       http://www.augusta.com/masters/story/news/jeff-knox-gets-call-augusta-national-bullpen
  If money is no object, I agree with the above post, then you would really be traveling light, just a back pack [not counting the wife and kids, etc] Clubs + luggage is a lot to handle for me in an airport and all the shuffling involved in traveling, not to mention handling kids.   You mention Hawaii, but didn't say what island(s). I have to think Maui is on the list. Here's a link from this forum about some of the Maui courses. I imagine you already have researched or...
 Thanks, good stuff. Having one now while surfing Sand Trap.
 The only thing I can think of was maybe the X-18 driver. It was sold only in Japan or something like that. I wanted to get my hands on one to see if it could help my crappy game at the time. They were going for big money at one time.
look for teeitup.com A number of courses did a few years back. Now it's more of a discount, due to the current economy. I played about 4 rounds for free a couple of years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: