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Driver - 285 3W - 260 4I - 225 5I - 205 6I - 195 7I - 185 8I - 165 9I - 155 PW - 140 56 - 120 60 - 105   Like others have stated, distance is not the key to scoring well.  Don't get me wrong it definitely helps get you into the "Scoring " clubs, but accuracy is king.  Most of my bad rounds come from inaccuracy from the TEE with the driver.
I just read every single posted and had a really good laugh.  This really is a ridiculous thread, but I had to add my $0.02.    The last 2 posts are spot on.  Promoting growth and development is what our country is all about.  If we didn't live in a capitalist market we would not have any of the cool golf items we have today.  Let alone all the other cool things in life.  Remember that a portion of these proceeds go to sponsoring various orgnaizations and sporting...
My thought is this.  You have some kind of swing flaw.  I myself am 5'11" and 205 lbs, pretty close to your 191 lbs.  In one of your posts you mention you hit the PW 150+, but your 3 iron only 205, then your 3W 280-300.  Here are my distance to give you a comparison.   PW - 140 avg. 4I - 225 avg. 3W - 260 avg.  varies from 240-280 depending on condition. Driver - 265-300 yards.  Occasionally I get a hold of one that goes 330 or so.   I play to around a 7,...
I play the 755's and own a set of MX25s. I know they are not MP60s, but I hit my 755's so much better. I really feel they are easy to hit and man it feels good.
Finally broke 80. Shot a 75 at Fossil Trace yesterday before the winter weather came in. Best round of my life so far. Normally I shoot in the mid to high 80's. Can't wait for the snow to go away again.
I've had 3 one time. One of the best feelings I have had on a golf course.
Mine was 410 with wind at my back. I just caught it right. Had 113 yds to the flag on a 523 yard par 5.
I have only been playing for about 4 years and I have played the following: 1. Right at 30 Courses 2. This includes CA,CO,TX,and Hawaii 3. I try to get a shirt from each course.
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