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I don't think any round of golf is ever worth $500. Ever. But that's coming from a person who won't drop $15 on a shirt, either.
Ill do the same thing, but with the toe of the putter. Nice the be able to change how far I want to carry it, but I suppose you can do that with the back of a putter too.
Some spit in a towel.
Most underrated? RIFE. I would trade my Scotty for the 2-Bar mallet if I wasn't so cheap. Most overrated, for me, are the Vokey wedges. I get no feel off of them.
It's hopefully going to be a ticket to college The top guy on my team is getting a full ride, and in four years, I hope to be in his spot. Would be really nice not to have to pay the ridiculous amount of money tuition is.
No one wants to read about Brad Adamonis or some other nobody. Everyone wants to read about Tiger. So say that they both do something like this, only Tiger's will get coverage.
One kid at my school has the name, but I see what you're getting at. I would have to say Ali. Don't hear anything about Pele, here.
I cant do it because my hand bumps my left thigh. I realize my putting stance is not in any way fundamentally correct, but it works well for me.
Because that would upset the balance of the universe.
I see where a lot of people are arguing against the use of GPS from, how finding a yardage is part of the game, but I have to disagree. I want to improve. Taking guesswork out of distance = easy improvement. Why add another difficult element to an already difficult game? Neither do I believe the ability to guess an exact yardage separate a player from his competition, his playing abilities should do that. And to it being against how the founders of the game wanted...
New Posts  All Forums: