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Nobody needs the solvent and tape.-A PURE kit should include the gun and attachment, not solvent n tape.
What you think is true is wrong.-No secret that impact is important but a crappy backswing can result in a crappy downswing.
Let us see a picture. Maybe you actually did it.
I hate political threads. All they do is take a group of people who should celebrate having one thing in common-golf-and divide them and make them call each other names and hate each other. Occasional political topics are one thing. A thread for them is another. I will not be participating except to encourage others not to participate. - We already get enough negativity in our lives. Celebrate golf here at TST.
I think the owners of the site here would like it if you did not use this site just to promote yourself-But if you actually got involved as an instructor and engaged with people and helped them. If you are here to just promote yourself then it will be sniffed out fast. Telling people to go to your YouTube page is promotion. Find swings and people and hep them directly. Talk about golf. That sort of thing.Maybe Mike/Erik asked you to be here-And maybe they do not care about...
No room in it for the book the site owner wrote though?You just described it. Well, part of it-There is a lot more to it than you seem to know. And hey I do not want to give a stump speech for LSW but I find it odd that you would say these things AND be a member here but not own it.Do not just "try" different things. You will not do them properly, and you will just keep hunting and searching for the next thing to "try."-Find what makes sense from people you trust and work...
You should do those two things.
I used to do it so I am speaking from experience-Demonstrate your gratitude by spelling the name of the dude the right way.You are not asking me but I say turn them both and do not worry about moving one or the other.-They will both turn.
Talked to my rules buddy. After getting him to understand that sometimes-Like in small traveling leagues or high school events or somesuch-You just do not have control to mark the course as you see fit he said he would use 3-3 and then present the case for why you felt you could move the rock or stick or you could ground your club afterward. Then if the committee bought it cool otherwise you live by their decision. He said that courses should know when they are skirting...
You are conning yourself in many ways:Thinking that size = distance.-Look at Sadlowski. Or Charles Howell III. Odd since you were adamant about The Dan Plan not being able to do well since he was small.Your son does not average 250 with his 5W.-No way, no how. Only possible way: he plays on concrete or similar.You do not hit the ball as far as you think-Nor as consistently that far as you think.@Lihu dude come on.
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