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That does not make sense.
On the first tee.
Unless the score is an outlier no golfer is ever truly affected.-The more times they play golf especially on that course the fewer scores are outliers. Net Birdie-Par-Bogey are not outliers for a golfer so there is no affect to future scores. Stupid thread-Again @MEfree asks vague question and then tries to trap everyone later with bad maths.
Or just to disagree.-We are in golf, not a lot of facts contrary to what wed like to think.-If someone disagrees with you, make yoru case. If they agree great you can be pen pals with them.-But make your case. Ive never had a problem with anyone who wants to make their case and disagree with me and Ive never seen Mike or Eric errr Erik or anyone else have a problem either.-People get all pissy when someone disagrees with them. Its not personal its disagreeing.-Ask my wife,...
Youre gettin cause and effect wrong.-Obviously your score affects the TOTAL SCORE because you add them all up.--But if you average 80 and you double or birdie the first hole then that adds fewer or more strokes to your score-just like if you double or birdie the 11th hole as @Golfingdad posted.You dont play better you just revert to the mean.-The scores could be considered random. Sometimes the first hole is good sometimes it is bad. ONe hole is too small a sample size....
I think a lot of people dont like discussing things-They join a forum and want to say what they think and have people agree with them and not have anything told to them about how they are misguided. Its like sports for kids with no scorekeeping, everyone gets a medal, everyone wins.-Garbage. You spoke truth to power and it got you a reasoned response with thought.-Everyone can get misunderstood-LORD knows I have been-But if we all remember its not personal and figure we...
Abusing moderator privs already!!!
Wanna see my purple dinosaur?
How about you just save us the time and tell us how this thread relates to the other threads and prove that youre the math whiz you have said you are?
What is the point of this thread?-Or any of the threads you start? They all follow the same pattern. 1. Ask basic question. 2. Get answers. 3. Introduce twist and tell people that theyre wrong.-And that your'e right. This one had the added bonus of you continuing to act like a dick about an answer to your book question in an entirely separate thread.-We all noticed that you didnt actually have anything to say about the answer you were given and just continued to...
New Posts  All Forums: