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What makes her one of the best?-Because she won some awards? So waht?Women cant teach. And before you think Im just being misogynistic, most teachers are terrible, so the 5% of women teachers out there are just normal.Golf instructors are bad. Really really really bad.-No method, no cause-and-effect. The majority just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks.-Total guessing game.Im talking about golf swing knowledge and stuff.-Im sure many are nice people and have a...
Didnt say you were condeming people-said that I didnt think you were even.-But seemed headed that way, and I dont think we should put our value systems on other people. Maybe I dont care about holding my kid for the first hour of his/her existence.-Maybe being able to pay for their college without strain means more TO ME. I wouldn't say its right or wrong for anyone but me.-My wife would probably tell me Im wrong about that too.
How much value do you place on being able to provide for your child for the rest of his life? Or even the first six years of his life?-The first ten?-18?I witnessed the birth of my second child-Had to it was in my kitchen. Not something I care to see again and I love my kids more than anything.You get to have your value system-I get to have mine. THis thread is just people voting on what they would do.-Lets save the condemnation of others for a thread on the Rules of Golf...
You dont know that.-$11.44M is a lot of money.I bet if you asked the kid if she wished his father had been there for his birth but she would have to work the rest of his life or if he could reverse those situations he'd take the latter choice. $11.44M buys a lot of quality time with your family. He can be picky about his schedule and be home for more stuff rather than playing 30 weeks a year-For example.
The point was how to get better at golf using the word 'best' - a round at a course is not the 'best' way to get better at golf.Gonna list a few things in each category.$0-$35 - the LSW book, a mirror, practice balls, a tripod.$35-$75 - a homemade hitting net$75-125 - online video lessons$125-$200 - lesson with good pro (could be 90 minutes) and dedication to work on it$200-$300 - high speed camera if you can get one,$300-$500 - Edel putter, good high speed camera$500+ -...
So you list three people and you have to choose which one youd screw which one youd marry and which one youd kill.-You have to do one for each.I will start.Win McmurrayHolly SondersLauren ThompsonAfter 36 posts or two days whichever comes first someone can post a new list of three people. [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for the compelling insight-Mind elaborating???
Glad you care so much about the law-Yet youre gonna keep anchoring your putter I remember. Let up geez it was a kid. My kids drove the cart from when they were 9 on.-Nowhere dangerous but it was one of the 'fun' things they got to do when they had to accompany ol dad to the course before they had fun just from the golf part
Your 'strict rules' arent the Rules of Golf.-If youre gonna be sanctimonious about your dads buddies slapping themselves on the back you should have a league that follows the Rules.-Youre all cheating too-Hes just cheating a little more isnt he?So is dropping a ball where one went OB and playing Lift Clean Cheat when conditions dont warrant it.Do you post your league scores for your handicap?I dont wanna get too far off topic-Obviously your dad cheats more than you do-But...
Feels like spam. Site looks not so good. You can get more-better-Stuff here free
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