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Dream. Absolutely-to work with that talent?-Id pay him to do it. Be a pleasure. Of course if he didnt practice or didnt show the drive I thought was necessary Id fire him. Good question-Where are all the responses?-Really good question.
Not gonna happen.-Joe and Tiger?
My momma told me charity begins at home-How's 'bout you show us some examples of you doin some of this?-You got 2200+ posts and area Forum Leader.
Youre proving your own point.Golf is cool? Who f-ing cares? Its what Im passionate about.
That would be great-If they have unlimited free time.You might be asking for a bit much.-You want everything in a video, and not only that-You want new videos for new drills. All as free updates since you already chose to pay the price you paid for the book itself.Gift horse in the mouth is how I see it.-Anything they add free at this point in time -Hi Shorty- is time and money out of their pockets.-Im sure they will do some but its all bonus and lets not get greedy.
Start a My Swing thread.-Youll get good advice and many here are familiar w/SnT. Looks Overdone.
From one grumpy old codger to another-You have a perverse definition of fun.-Picking on people for inconsequential shit is your idea of fun? Grow the **** up and let people talk.
Ha-Guess nobody can say much about that! Really well explained.
Website demos of both versions-You could download it and try right? Also pretty sure you can use the Pro version demo to record Live if you want and just use Student to analyze them.
Ummmm-You quoted him saying he was not going to respond more-he has not-and you tell him to stop responding? OKay man. He was disagreeing with you AS ALMOST ALL PEOPLE WILL I think. THe poll question is poorly worded with the word 'force' in there.-If it said 'should' the results would be quite different.BTW your reputation is about to tank and not for that but for your win at all costs approach.-Youre now gonna be 'that guy'. The jerk.-The 'gamesmanship win at all costs'...
New Posts  All Forums: