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Maybe because a scratch golfer could beat most of them.-These are gals that can not make the LPGA Tour after all. Even a guy who is a 6 handicap probably does not hit a hybrid from 155.
Is your 9 handicap proof of this?There are a lot of good instructors here who probably disagree with you.-I know I do- I am not saying I am one of those good instructors here.
In hockey you can get a hat trick. In baseball, you can hit for the cycle. If you do them in order-Or uninterrupted in hockey- they add the word natural to the front. Natural hat trick. Natural cycle. The act is the same but if you do it in a unique or less probable way they add the word natural to modify the base term. They also do not care if you get an out in the third inning, if you score the first through third or fifth through seventh goals.-They care only about...
You've gone pretty far for someone who can't read. I think your allegations that scientists are misleading people to please their bosses is disrespectful to hard working intelligent scientists. Decades of data.-You cited one year. That's bad science. Tapping out.-Good luck to your grandchildren.
Clearly. Please learn to read.-Maybe it is your inability to read that leads you to think that a one-year blip is all it takes to reverse decades of ice loss.I never said you WANTED to leave the world worse off.So, not a strawman.-Just misreading on your part.And Sorry-I will go with scientists and decades of data over a one-year blip-There are lots of them in those charts- and a hunch of some guy on a forum that is not even dedicated to talking about this topic.
30 years of data-And people smarter than you.Sorry but I will go with data over some guy on a forum who has a hunch.A year or two does not matter. Decades barely matter.If you do not think we are leaving the world worse off four our children than our parents left it for us you are a crackpot. Go look up how the government is spraying us with exhaust from planes or something.
You are seeing what you want to see-Maybe it was able to grow because it had shrunk for 30 years? I will take a 30-year trend over a one-year blip.What is the overall trend you see here?-
And yet this point seems to be missed because others think they know that the definition of Grand Slam is written in stone.
Looks like a fun time.-Will be interesting to see who can handle the tournament stress and who can not. East coast site next year? 2017?
New Posts  All Forums: