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Not really the topic is it?-SOmetimes drafts dont post. Might be a bug in the site but its OT here.Seriously?SO? He was wrong too. ITs not like Hogan had the technology or understanding we have now. He wasnt a God. He probably was not even as good a player as Phil Mickelson. The guys he had to beat back then were not nearly as good as the guys playing now. Stop being an old person @natureboy-we've advanced and if youre looking 50 years back for the answer youre giving up a...
Being a Browns fan-I agree and keep telling the in-laws.Happy holidays man. Maybe Manziel will stay in the NFL longer than a few years.
Not miserable-Quite happy. My team is in the playoffs.Typical Brownstains fan.-Good luck next year.-Youll need it.
You should have read the page where you got your map-Explained it all in English.
So the game was televised across the nation.-Cool glad we figured that out. Just fun to piss off Browns fans actually-Typical reaction. Go crawl back in your hole and wait for next September.
Yep Directv-the game was seen in every state and city in the nation.Anyway I don't really care-Youre just pissed because after your smack talk your Brownstains are right back where they belong-At the bottom of their division.
I have an in-law in Minnesota who watched the game.
awwww too bad poor Brownstains need to win out and cant even get 1/3 of the way before crapping the bed.Wife's familiy are closet Browns fans.-Closet because they claim they dont watch football yet they know every time the Browns are winning. So not too often I have to hear about them.
Are we talking about Alaska?-I got an Alaskan student I can ask about that.Isn't Ohio in the northern 'part' of America?-Or are you talking about Canada?
YEs.-It was. I saw the game down here. @Golfingdad saw it out in CA.
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