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You've gotten a lot of help from @mvmac so far.... have you posted in other threads? ‚Äč
I think you are less likely to shoot 92 if you are hitting the ball well. The days I hit the ball well are my better scoring days. If I can't make a putt or my short game leaves me I still shoot 72.-That is the LOWEST I score when my ball striking is not there but my short game is "on".
Get him to join here.
Tiger has always had coaches. So when exactly did they ruin him?-PGA Tour players should be so lucky as to have ruined careers like TW.
You clearly did not-People pointed out that you were not posting anywhere except where you could TAKE TAKE TAKE. And you did not post anywhere but the first post you make, the first two, is right here trying to TAKE TAKE TAKE again.Nobody is going to believe you because you are unbelievable.
Take up tennis.
This seems to be the one move Monte likes to teach.-Thing is if you tell a bunch of people to throw the right wrist their bodies will NOT speed up and they'll flip the snot out of it. Bill please post more than just your own videos for promo here.-Right now you seem like the personal promo guy for Monte. Do you know that the guys who run this site are pretty good too?
Oh, okay then, that settles it. Tiger was clearly faking it and did not have a ruptured ACL and stress fractures and he only took extra time off because he wanted to be lazy and bang more hos.Edit: Restricted? Wise decision. Was adding nothing to the discussion.
You seem like a very pleasant fellow.Not taking any pride in it. Just pointing out that your behavior is 'interesting.'Take your Tiger hate elsewhere. YOu voted for Day I will assume-Good for you. You do not need to berate or belittle other people who have a different opinion and call them names.
That is your opinion-You should not say it like it is a fact because it is not. Day did not even win, so he can not win the poll.Slightly hurt? Okay buddy.Yeah it is EVERYONE ELSE here who needs to grow up. Right. Got it.
New Posts  All Forums: