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They are a little different. Excluding people leads to judgments by others.We exclude people all the time. All over the place. Sometimes it is because they can not pay. That is fine. IT is deemed an okay reason to exclude someone from a country club. Other times because they do not meet some other requirement. Sometimes that is fine (they are not the right age perhaps) and sometimes it is deemed not fine (they are black, or Indian).Clubs have the right to allow or...
In their defense they do not say that they will change your scores DOWN.
No it is not the same thing.One is an exclusion to an event or something a person qualified to be in.The other is a private CLUB.I do not have to let anyone I want in to my house. You have to let anyone who meets certain requirements attend public school.
Not the same thing and you know better.I do not care about a club. I am just pointing out that if someone wishes to meet with people at a club that they know does not allow women the club is not the lawyer or banker doing the excluding - it is the person who chooses to go there who is doing the excluding.There are all sorts of exclusionary clubs. Last time I checked my grandson is in Cub Scouts and would not be allowed to be a Girl Scout. There is a Jewish school that...
If a guy chooses to have a "business round" or a "business lunch" at a course that excludes women he's already made the choice to exclude them. The club is just how he does it - HE is the one excluding them, though. Not the club.Clubs should be allowed to have whatever members they want. If it is only people with blue eyes, fine. It is not government, it is not public access or harmful to anyone, etc. It is just a private club. I get to decide who to allow into my home;...
We will get a warning but I do not really believe you. Your greens would have to be stimp 15 or holes cut right on severe slopes.The AimPoint app on my phone says.......stimp 10 6 footer 2% slope is played 4" outside the hole. That is not a high green speed or stimp.
This one: Cuz he bagged this:
Paging @9iron and @Wally Fairway.#deepfields
Not too big on forgiveness there are you pal?I was there. It was bad. But it was a long time ago and if it still makes you angry well that just does not seem healthy to me.
Saw this on Twittersphere-http://www.golflife.com/how-to-shoot-lower-scores-with-new-book-from-medicus-golf/ A DVD?
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