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Have you been reading this site much? You cannot make all of your six-footers. Impossible.
https://twitter.com/LowScoreWins/status/560856219565707264 Anything to share?
Smash under 1.4?
There may be a reason for that.
@club ho You seem to like your widget or thingamajig.
Took me a little time to find this but here:Biomechanically I agree you are better off with a flared left foot.PGA Tour pros and good players will have a square foot often so that they do not over-rotate on the downswing (hips too open) yet to relieve STRESS on their knee they will unweight their left foot and let it spin out AFTER impact.The knee can still move up and down.
He is either dead ill or full of you know what.
Did you get the book? All of my serious students get it.
Duh.The guy hitting it 195 off the tee is not going to be shooting in the 70s though, and the guy hitting it 195 off the tee is also the one more likely hitting it in water or OB. Double wammy.
No sense asking him.-@MS256 left this site after his manhood was challenged for saying he could hit a ball out of a foot of water.‚Äč
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