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Of course you would because then all of you SnT clowns could try to take even more credit for it.-Just like you do for anyone regardless of who they work for What they Teach or WHo they learned under.Oh look- Another Tour player with a stick ageainst his head! PARADIGM SHIFT!-Please child.Edit: ‚Äč-At least Sean and Grant know thats a joke.
Yeah-People like me. Sure thing pal.Youre the guy who came on and launched a crusade against someone for shooting a 90 in a qualifying tournament.-All I did was point out ot you the wrongness of your posts in how a good golfer should NEVER EVER shoot 90.IOW - you came on and behaved like a boor.-And your only contribution TO THIS THREAD is to continue to try to call out other people.Good contribution mate.-Well on ya.
Dream. Absolutely-to work with that talent?-Id pay him to do it. Be a pleasure. Of course if he didnt practice or didnt show the drive I thought was necessary Id fire him. Good question-Where are all the responses?-Really good question.
Not gonna happen.-Joe and Tiger?
My momma told me charity begins at home-How's 'bout you show us some examples of you doin some of this?-You got 2200+ posts and area Forum Leader.
Youre proving your own point.Golf is cool? Who f-ing cares? Its what Im passionate about.
That would be great-If they have unlimited free time.You might be asking for a bit much.-You want everything in a video, and not only that-You want new videos for new drills. All as free updates since you already chose to pay the price you paid for the book itself.Gift horse in the mouth is how I see it.-Anything they add free at this point in time -Hi Shorty- is time and money out of their pockets.-Im sure they will do some but its all bonus and lets not get greedy.
Start a My Swing thread.-Youll get good advice and many here are familiar w/SnT. Looks Overdone.
From one grumpy old codger to another-You have a perverse definition of fun.-Picking on people for inconsequential shit is your idea of fun? Grow the **** up and let people talk.
Ha-Guess nobody can say much about that! Really well explained.
New Posts  All Forums: