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No of course not. Some people still do not say it is clubface.But if you think that everyone-Including the people who run this site-would have laughed you off the forum because of it then you must not be paying attention.PS This Universal Swing is a joke. Did you even watch the video? This is not going to be the next ball flight laws situation. Comparing the two is silly.
Jorgensens book came out in 1991 I believe.And long before that you could take a putter and swing it 70 degrees across the ball and see the ball start kinda straight to where the putter face was not the path.
Thought you had not played in a year?
Yes Drew you do not want to shallow it out like @Crim. And @Crim I agree with the comments in your thread that you do not want to swing that way.
Not premature-Just wishful thinking.
Like I said "anti-Tiger-despite-nearly-every-other-pro-doing-the-same-things".Some things never change. One of them is @Rick Martin-Goodbye.
Self righteous, ha!-Have a friend go to college and tell you all about it and let us know what the college says when you ask for your degree. Not the same thing as borrowing a book.
Oh my-I am glad I have not eaten breakfast yet.@Crim please get a refund if possible or at least for the untaken lessons (if this is GolfTec they love to sell big packages). That is a horrible way to go about solving that problem.You have some inclination issues but your swing is pretty good to 3 and then it went a bit haywire-But now it is more haywire!!!
Not an AimPoint instructor here. TOo many local guys are for me to get in it.But I am also not a thief with crap morals as you would be if you did that.Mostly responding to @BallStriker but your support of his plan is damning to your character as a man as well.
Goodbye. See you and your anti-Tiger-despite-nearly-every-other-pro-doing-the-same-things tirades in about ten months.BTW the CVS Health Charity Classic is not part of the PGA Tour. It is a locally run small exhibition like the big names used to play back in the day to raise money locally to support a good cause.
New Posts  All Forums: