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I said perhaps.-Not weak if its true. Youre new here so you have not had to deal with Ricky Bobbys constant Tiger Haterade. WHen confronted with Tommys infidelity he ignores it, but cares a whole lot about Tigers. YOu explain it.
You turn a blind eye to Tommy's adultery but not Tigers?-Bit of a racist perhaps. Or a moron.-Only two explanations I can think of.MEds?-Vitamin C count?
Ricky Bobby-Luke DOnald was #1 and has never won a major.Watson?-Classy?-Adultery is classy now? Stealing another man's wife and divorcing your own to marry her? And you hate Tigger?
PGA Tour greens almost never get to 13.-Theyre not as fast as some of y'all seem to think. 11-12 most of the time, sometimes 13. PGA Tour supers overstate stimp just like your local super does.
“It may be that your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.” - Anonymous
Out.-@@KyleAnthony you have been coddled and treated with kid gloves since you signed up.Im done and I think youve reached your last straw with others too. I wont be rude to you but I kind of hope someone is as you deserve it.-YOu are always gonna shoot in the 90s and maybe 80s because of the six inches between yer ears-And I dont mean it like Bobby Jones said it, I mean it because you never listen and dont do what youre told. I'd fire you as a client because I wouldn't...
Since everyones trying to be nicer to people on the forum-Iw ill not say what I might have normally said and will just tell you to practice your putting because if it is even half that bad and your full swing is even half that good you are stupid not to practice your short game.
There are lots out there.-Just like there are lots of bad golfers. Is your handicap still 25?
You can all hate on me for doing this but what does @MEfree thinks-He always said the rules were too difficult and the game too hard right? Myabe he dont care because it's not rules thing.
I'm wonderin why you want to become a PGA pro.-To teach? To run a shop?
New Posts  All Forums: