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And your an 18-maybe time to start thinking about something.
Maybe some red meat-Except you wouldn't say that because your doctors are unassailably right on such matters-As weve all learned.I agree that theres thin and fit and then just thin and gross.
Shucks-Where is @RonTheSavage when there is actually something racist to Discuss???
Didn't they give away a bunch of these?
If my wife was Amanda Id take the opportunity to 'totally detach' from golf too.
Tips are useless-Golfers arent going to get better if they keep searching for the quick fix.
Huh?-do you expect ninjab to understand this or are you just trying to prove your a smarty pants?-@mvmac has been helping him and he even said he had a major breakthrough-Don't know why the hell you think he needs more extension
Camera is pretty far from you-Nearly impossible to help you with you so tiny in the picture, on an angle, etc Spoke too soon-@mvmac helped you.-Still recommend better camera angles for more help in future
It is the place.The better place is to do it in a timely fashion when it actually helps someone.-This just comes across as 'We Need to Promote our UTube Channel'.This site does not like people promoting themselves without giving back.-Its a selfish attitude.-I agree too.
Spam. Just pushing your YouTube videos.-Just stop-It wont end well for you. I propose a more organic approach.-Participate. Let people get to know you. Discuss some things without shoving your videos down our throats and let people see you as a smart guy or group or wahtever. Then-When the time is right-Share a timely video that is intended to help someone. This is just promotional spam.-No timeliness other than 'we need to send people to our YouTube channel.' Think...
New Posts  All Forums: