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You can not imagine how this would generate more interest in playing golf? Do you have an imagination at all? People pay money to just drive around on Segways and you look and feel like a total dweeb on those things. These look and feel cool.I showed this video to a group of high schoolers just now and they ALL wanted to know if we were getting them at our course.
I saw it.-Need a bit better video TBH.Plus you should post outside of this thread or soliciting help for your putting. People like to help here but they like to help more if you are participating outside of your own Member Swing thread-yknow?
Looks like a great swing if you want to hit the ball fat and snap hook it all day.
Hey we can not all be asses like you who rip on other people without saying anything about the topic.Me? Got no problem with this stuff. It is not for me but I have a few decades on good ol Michelle.
In other words the A Swing did not work for you either-huh?
Lookin like there will be a whole lot of ineligible people that have not joined or posted here-huh?
While you work on that look around and read and post in other threads here.-Be a good member. Welcome.
I like his lower body action more there than in his regular swing.
I have three pair.-I like the classic looking wingtip ones. But I am an old fart so to be expected.
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