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Camera is pretty far from you-Nearly impossible to help you with you so tiny in the picture, on an angle, etc Spoke too soon-@mvmac helped you.-Still recommend better camera angles for more help in future
It is the place.The better place is to do it in a timely fashion when it actually helps someone.-This just comes across as 'We Need to Promote our UTube Channel'.This site does not like people promoting themselves without giving back.-Its a selfish attitude.-I agree too.
Spam. Just pushing your YouTube videos.-Just stop-It wont end well for you. I propose a more organic approach.-Participate. Let people get to know you. Discuss some things without shoving your videos down our throats and let people see you as a smart guy or group or wahtever. Then-When the time is right-Share a timely video that is intended to help someone. This is just promotional spam.-No timeliness other than 'we need to send people to our YouTube channel.' Think...
Sorry man-But you sound like a troll. You came on here with your one-size-fits-all-We-Have-Spent-$1k-on-learning-the-grip-alone stuff and making outlandish claims and statements without backing it up or even wanting to talk about it-Or answer questions. Classic trolling.-And everyone bit. PS-Sorry, image bigger than I thought.-Found a better smaller one.
So this is the Carl Lohren Spam Thread now? If youre gonna spam us just put all the videos in one post man.-This is a bad way to bump your post count. Just checking.-And I can move my right hand lower by tilting my spine right a little. $1k on the grip you say?-My momma used to have a saying about that.
Forget the butter-I wanna know what pharmaceuticals youre taking that makes you think youre tasting all that shit in your coffee!!!
Seriously dude-WTF is it with you and these 'twists' that you add in to ALL of the threads you start after youve gotten answers already? Knock it off.-It was a joke for awhile but its become the actual Gods Honest Truth.Still doesnt change my opinion btw-The pro has no legal basis for filing a lawsuit.
Ever consider that Euros have to care more about the Ryder Cup because the Sergios and Montgomeries of the world have nothing else on which to hang their hat-Monty never won a major Sergio probably never will-Of course they say they care about the Ryder Cup more. Plus winning makes it easier to say you care about it and losing makes it easier to say you dont. I'm glad Phil said what he said. Watson sucked, his picks sucked, his strategies sucked, his communication...
Go figure-What are the odds?!Just teasing you.-I agree too.I miss the days when men were allowed to be men and say what they thought.-Now we just want pussies who keep quiet and bow to the captain simply because he was picked by some guys in suits to be the captain because he could help generate interest and thus make those same guys in suits some more money.
Okay-Will get right on that, Mr. Pot.
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