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@Wangus94-damn man-you just got skooled [sic].
Stock shot is a push draw but you could play a push-fade or even a straight-fade if you wanted, or pull-fade. Up to you mostly.Straight shots obviously whether they're pushes pulls or straight along body lines are when face and path match but tehy are not super reliable-makes it tough to 'eliminate half the golf course' as Jack would say.-Pick a curve, make it small but consistent-and play golf. Fade or draw, up to you.
Holy mother of God you are a ****ing douchebag.-Jeezus H. Cripes I dont know what crawled up your behind but why you feel like behaving this way is beyond me.Do you honestly think he was serious about the million strokes?-Are the tens of people telling you 'best gofl book I ever read' and whatnot not enough for you that you have to act like this?-Over ****ing $30?If I were @IACAS I would refuse to sell you a copy.
Probably a spammer.
It is not that hard-When you enter, you take the farthest one to one side or the other. Any subsequent entries should slot in every other spot. Exceptions can be made if you know each other already or every other stall has the stupid one that is only a foot off the ground for kids. If every other stall is full pick the one where people seem most likely to be finished beside you. - NO looking to the side. Eyes straight ahead at all times. Its good when they put something...
Guy was good enough to qualify for the British Open but shot 90-Wonder if @GHIN0011458 is going to start thread about that.
Good enough to be said twice.Nobody is buying.
We have different definitions of "pretty dang good"-Must be.I havent.-Just saying I dont believe you that any of those 7-irons went 150, unless youre counting roll and the landing area was hard and baked.-Several questions have been asked of you and Kiran and you have not answered them-Ive talked with her online and she is often clueless and spouts similar things as you do and cannot answer basic questions.Your own swing clearly does not mirror the swing she demonstrates...
Youre not the one the guy is calling names while spouting tripe and ignoring the 30 years and thousands of golfers Ive made better-Cant answer basic questions, etc. Ive talked with this Kanwar woman online as others have and its clear she is out of her depths-And there is no way this guy is hitting his 7I 150 unless hes counting the roll on baked fairways.Now how about you talk about the swing-Or whatever you call that ugly motion she makes with a golf ball at her feet.
New Posts  All Forums: