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I think I have it now.This seems to work. Thanks.
Is there a way to multi quote one user's response?  In the past you could quote the post, then just copy and paste what was in the [brackets] (that is how I did it anyway) to create the separation.  Sometimes this is helpful when responding to multiple items separately  in one post. 
Forged or cast makes little difference.  There are 'players' clubs, and 'game improvement' clubs.  Some are forged, some are cast, but forged or cast makes no difference in how you are able to play them.  The process in which a club is made isn't as important as the metals made to make them.  If you are happy with your current set of clubs, then I wouldn't worry about it at this point as long as the shafts are still okay for you.
I wouldn't worry one bit about the 220-240 yard club.  From that distance accuracy will be at a minimum anyway.  How many times does it even come up?  Kind of pointless to have a club that you will hit once every other round.  Hit the 22º or 4-iron to a good spot in front of the green and get up and down.  Or lay up to 85 yards and have an easy wedge shot in.  You don't have to go for every shot to score.  If you insist on going for every shot however, learn how to choke...
They saw an opportunity to make money and jumped on it.  Isn't that what being a business, a sales business no less, is about?  Golfers like to wear hats when they play.  It keeps the sun off the face and eyes and keeps sweat from dripping.  I'll bet if we make hats and sell them to pro shops and golf stores people will buy them.  All they are doing is selling a quality product that people want.  That is no different than any other industry that sells a product.  If...
Excellent point here as well.  I think many people use this reason for things other than golf, they just might not realize it.
My simple answer is this; golf hats are made for golfing.  If I purchase a hat, it is much more for the functionality and comfort of the hat rather than the logo on it.  I have found some great golf hats over the years and in most cases have NEVER found anything similar that didn't have a logo.  Nike makes some great hats/shirts/shorts/shoes that are comfortable to play in.  Should I buy something that is uncomfortable just so it doesn't have a logo?    Where do you shop...
I think a lot of the responsibility should fall on the course to provide the information and make the recommendation.  If nothing else just make a small sign and put it at the first tee and on the scorecard.  Just something simple that says "if your handicap/average is 'X', you should play 'Y' tees.  One course I play a couple times a year does this and it is very handy.  From the discussion here, the problem seems to lie with the recreational golfer that doesn't know...
It's not a horrible idea, but you should try and hit them first before you just jump into it.  There is no guarantee that the PX shaft will work for you in the woods and wedges just because they work in the irons.   The hybrid shaft will be much different than the iron shafts.  Different heads, different weighting, different lengths, tons of variables, and nothing that would imply that you would get the same results. 
I think more than Mizuno being flat, I think most companies have gone more upright as their standard in the past years.  Mizuno has just stayed pat while others have moved.  Not real sure of the reasons.  Easy enough to bend or special order though.
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