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I was just fitted using the Ping color system (buying some new Taylor Made R7 irons). I am 5'-7" with 33" from wrist to floor. The color system says I should be red to black dot. But when I hit the clubs, I was hitting the flatter irons with my toe first. The system said I should be white dot (3* upright). Does that sound crazy to any of you? Right now I have standard lie clubs and my misses are normally right with a toe deep divot (so the upright makes sense)....
You guys heard anything about the nea Top Flite Gamer? They seem to be priced well (Under $20) for a three piece ball. I don't know of any other three piece balls for that price range...
I was just fitted for some Taylor Made clubs at Golf Galaxy and from the tape on the sole, it looks like I need to be 3* upright. The trouble is, I am 5'-7" and use standard length clubs. Have you heard of shorter golfers being fitted with upright lie angles? Also, the clubs are cast clubs. How much will I be able to adjust them if the 3* upright is too much/too little? Any info would be appreciated... Thanks.
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