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Nothing wrong with high loft.  Not sure my swing speed, but I poke my Dymo2 Str8-fit HL (13*) anywhere from 240 to 265, with no ballooning.    
Golf epoxy breaks down at around 250º.
With Golf Pride's large PGA Tour presence, and "knock-off" rights to make the same grip as the Sharpro.. you now have your formula for why GP grips cost 2-3 times as much as other grips, that perform just as good. Why pay more.. unless you are brand •••••
Rest assure you'll never see Stricker have any issues with a flip.
The playoffs are about one thing and one thing only: $$$$
Reached my goal this year. I've broke 90 twice (shot 86 both times). The key has been working on the short game, somewhat, at the range.. instead of pounding driver and irons. On both 86 rounds, my putts per hole were 1.78 and 1.72
Yep! Its a given.. especially since 99% of all clubheads come from the few foundries that put out the stuff, in the first place. Even some of the good clones come out of the same foundries that the big name OEM's come out of! Brand •••••s really get their panties in a bunch when you throw the real facts at them.
Hireko isn't truely "all component". Their Acer line is a clone, that is inspired by Callaway's line.. They are a high quality component/clone though. Integra is in the same boat... they put out their own designs.. but they also throw out some clones as well.. http://www.integra-golf.net/content/view/350/467/
11.5° Nike Sumo2 5900 Driver 15° Nike Sumo2 #3 FW 19° Nike Sumo2 #5 FW 22° #4 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 25° #5 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 28° #6 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 32° #7 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 36° #8 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 40° #9 Iron Dynacraft Genesis 44° PW Dynacraft Genesis 49° GW Dynacraft Genesis 54° SW Hogan Carnoustie 60° LW Hogan Carnoustie Putter
I had them last year. They are very hot off the face.. and very forgiving. I didn't care too much for the really wide soles though.. The long blade length of the irons in that set make them really forgiving.. you will not be able to tell at all on any toe hits.. unless you are out toward the extreme end of the toe.. The 20* and 23* hybrid heads in that set are hot faced, just as the irons.. They put off a "tink" sound when struck.. If you have a solid swing.... be...
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