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I DO NOT, play for dough. . .golf is expensive enough already.  I'm not going to gamble on it.  I don't ever drink alcohol on course either.  Another thing a LOT of guys do while golfing.  Doesn't really make sense to me.  
    The Srixon "soft-feel" has been a favorite of mine for a few years.  For the exact reasons you're asking about.  Also, I've hardly purchased NEW golf balls for years.  Don't know if you Ebay, but you can find some great golf balls at great prices.  Been doing it for a LONG time with no probs
I simply don't see any necessity in wearing pants.  Not in regards to the rules of golf.  I don't want to be looking at dudes wearing shorty shorts from the 70's though.   Caddies have been able to wear shorts for nearly 15yrs now.    If they're in Florida, Texas, Arizona, SoCal, Hawaii, or even Ohio next month. . .and its 90* outside with 110% humidity, jeez, let the guys wear shorts if they want.  It just ISN'T a big deal  
    It sounds simple, and maybe not the answer you're looking for, but I agree.  I went thru about 6 to 8 years of trying to find the right equipment.  It doesn't matter if you hit a persimmon wood, or you get every new TMade "R" driver yearly, if you don't have a swing that you can use with all your clubs, then you need some lessons.  Plain and simple
If you like GPride grips, try the Patriot.  The red, white and blue grip.    I personally have switched to tacki-mac IT2 grips.  They're soft, sweaty wrists and arms don't effect them hardly at all.  And, they seem to be decently durable.  Plus, they are half the price of any "name brand" grip.    I tried Winn grips in the past, I've never liked them.  Not sticky enough, wear quickly  
    X2  This is about the smartest and most honest reply I could come up with.  Heck, I'm a 10 capper or so, and I RARELY buy new balls, especially a $50 box of ProV1's or something similar.
I used to dip as well. . .tried like heck not to ever spit on the greens. . .stuff was ruining my stomach, had to quit.  I've actually picked up some of that mint-fake tobacco stuff, for the really hard days.    I will NOT play alongside someone who smokes.  I have asthma, and I'm out to get some FRESH air.  I won't be a jerk, but I will politely remove myself from the group.   
It's all about tension.  The less tension, the better the swing.  Be it, with the putter or any other club.   I added weight to my putter over the winter. . .well, the putter currently in my bag, lol!  And it has helped me loosen my grip.  Glad I did it  
I think headcovers are definitely important.  Unless you happen to keep your clubs in a locker at your home course or club, and you don't have to throw them in the back of your trunk, truck, hatch, whatever.   I've had these for a few years.  I think they're great.  Not exactly hard shell, but their not just cloth either.  Also, you can throw them on the ground and usually can pop your club right in...
Personally. . .the one's you DEMO, and like the best, those are the one's I'D buy. . .I'm just saying.   Demo EVERYthing out there young dude.  I have TMade, Nike, Cleveland clubs bagged.  The only Titleist clubs I've ever like are the Scotty putters.  The clubs don't feel right, neither do Mizunos.   Maybe a PING driver, Callaway irons, and cleveland wedges are the way to go.
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