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Mmmm.. Burner irons. Thinking about getting a set of these.
I'm loving my 2008 SS NP - no complaints. It definitely does sound like someone's trying to sell you a Rossa, et al. :)
Actually, if I may interject... Titleist is in Fairhaven, yes, but the club division (R&D/Manufacturing) is in San Diego. Carlsbad to be specific. Callaway is in Carlsbad as well. A number of other golf companies make home in San Diego - Ben Hogan, the Scotty Cameron Studio, Taylormade/Adidas Golf, Aldida (shafts), Mitsubishi Rayon (shafts), True Temper. I'm sure there's more I've missed, but I can't recall at the moment. Anyway, my point is that if you want to...
Footjoy Contours:
Considered it, but I'm not sure - I'm not a fan of the mushrooming effect the stamping gives. Yeah, I think I might want a double top sightline, single flange sightline. What do you think? The standard weight for the 33" - 360g. It's got a nice heft to it. I do like that idea - haha.. green grip, cloverleaf stamp on the face and in one of the dot circles, green filling, and find this headcover:
Break out the cigars! We have a new arrival in my household - a virgin SC NP @ 33", with no sight lines, stock grip, stepless shaft. For you Scotty Cameron nuts out there, I'm going to ship it to the Custom shop to get sight lines added, and I'm not sure what I want to have done to it. I was thinking a double line on the top, and a single line on the flange, and maybe a lucky four leaf clover stamp. :) Any suggestions?
My tour watching schedule consists of: the Open Championship the PGA Championship then the 3 closer FedEx events if there's a tight race for the Cup - Deutsche Bank and BMW Championship, wrapping up with the Tour Championship. Maybe the Ryder cup. Funny thing is that I'm getting married during the final round of the Tour Championship.
Try it again tomorrow. I think it recharges.
I haven't seen a 35% link pop up in a while though. Deal might be getting dead if they don't refresh the pool of available 35% off coupons. CJUNE0810P is the coupon code for 10% stackable with the 10% or 35%
What did you buy?
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