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If I win I'll choose the black Pure Pro to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage!   Jason Day -12 Ryan Moore -10 Tiger Woods -8
 LOL....not real....it is from a Seinfeld episode..
Butch is a pompous ass.....as if he is the ONLY one who could possibly help Tiger...and don't even get started with the whole "public announcement" of this.   The only potential positive is that it may just add to Tiger's motivation to work things out........     All that said, I have a slight belief that Tiger just doesn't care anymore.....more interested in raising kids, new relationship.....just living life without having to deal with all the media...
17th Joost Luiten (E)
Absolutely nothing wrong with this pick....DL III is solid 
Emphatic No...but I wouldn't bet my life on it
  Irresponsible of Tiki and Lincoln to couch Tiger's issues in the context of a "collapse"......wonder who else is on their list?  J.R. Richard....Thurmon Munson....maybe Roberto Clemente  Totally classless imo.........
  OK, fair enough -- I just have a very hard time including the word "failure" in any sentence that relates to Tiger's career......but I guess he is correct that everyone but Jack has failed to win 18
  I can't believe I am reading this -- Tiger may not have 18 (or 19) majors, but to think of his career as a "failure" is simply ridiculous....although I do believe that a lot of folks will say this same thing.  I think iacas has the right number....15% or so by end of the year. I think Tiger has some regrets.....maybe about his personal life, but maybe more about his training methods/nave seal stuff in his younger days (if that did truly cause the injury hank...
    The language I quoted makes two basic arguments..........I am paraphrasing, but the first is "If you don't like it, find another job"......I really hope nobody would actually think this is a legitimate argument in an employment setting.....this argument applies to ANY job and if you buy into this reasoning, well then you might as well just eliminate all labor laws, right......wow, that would just SO great for our society. The second argument is that "they shouldn't be...
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