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Gotta love Dan Jenkins who long ago said "the only things that can stop Tiger from breaking Jack's record is a bad marriage or an injury.."   still a tiger fan...here's to his health
Hate the Masters being in the rear-view, but absolutely love watching this tournament........just a great course for TV viewing IMO
Ryan Moore -11 Kevin Stadler -11 Derek Ernst -11
Wow......No Tiger for the Masters......disapointing to say the least...
Did Na just slam his club into sand after leaving it in the bunker? Penalty?
Anyone know the specifics of Clarke's workout regiment?? Thx
I see a lot of players tamp down spike marks after they putt....does the rule specify that it is only illegal to fix before the putt?
Tom Watson once said he went a full year on tour without mis-hitting a shot......seriously
Anyone else a bit disappointed with Faldo and his complete and utter lack of acknowledgement (or ignorance) of the web.com playoff system..........basically saying that those guys with no other status that don't make the top 125 (e.g. bud cauley) have to go back to web/com....I do NOT think he was referencing the playoffs, just ignorance   I may be wrong
New Posts  All Forums: