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Europeans complaining about something?  Wow, that's a shocker.........
Had my first opportunity to "sleep in" today in what seems like months........I am a US west coast guy and was up at 6 am watching the BMW.....just love this tournament for some reason
Dan Jenkins has less credibility than half the posters on this site..........his opinion is worthless right now and, quite frankly, I haven't read a "decent" Dan Jenkins article in years...   All that said........"Dead Solid Perfect" was a great read
 Greens were just phenominal......very true and fast, but like you said, with those green complexes it can be too much in places.  I am a solid 6 handicap and shot an 83....and felt "pretty good" about it.....I misssed only four fairways and there were a couple lies in the rough that were just brutal.....like 60-80 advances brutal. I also had the putter in my hands 8 times and failed to get up and down......now, those are not all technically three-putts because I was off...
Played Chambers yesterday....quite a ride and I have no doubt that there will be a LOT of player grumbling over course set-up......it is playing pretty firm and fast, so I am not sure that the longer players will have a huge advantage, even if they massively stretch it out....and it is going to be SLOW.....the combination of the green complexes and speed is just unreal right now (we played them at about a 10 on the stimp and they are saying maybe 11 for the...
 LOL......seriously?  This is the PGA Fu*king Tour.........ALL names are big..
I was taught that every read is based on the assumption that the ball would end up 1 foot beyond the hole.........doesn't that make speed the fundamental base of the system....is this wrong?   eric, of course, has it right on short putts .....but if you get a 3/4/5 at 6 feet, then speed is more of an issue
Great post
 I "believe" he is saying that on medium to long putts, there are multiple different slopes or tilts along the putt line to the hole...... rkim, the key here for long putts is to find the biggest part of the slope in the middle third and calculate your read off that slope, and for medium to take the slope read at the midway point to hole
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