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I was a fan of him when this happened.
My brother's son in law is a total jerk. I had only played with him once and it'll be the last. The dude has no personality or a sense of humor. The "F" bombs flew after after every frickin shot! And, most of those shots weren't half bad. His friend was an absolute blast to play with, but that will be the last round I'll ever play with that guy. I would have had more fun throwing the greens fees out the car window on the way in.
The only one I heard that was mildly entertaining was after a Jim Furyk drive. Somebody yelled, "FIVE HOUR ENERGY!". It got a chuckle out of me. All the other guys are just dumarses.
I know JJ well from him being a cousin of my best friend growing up. He's pretty damn "aw-shucks" alright and a genuinely nice, generous guy.   Edited to add: I didn't realize this thread was so damn old.
  I gave him a chunk of my ham sammich after the turn.  
On this one course we were on they had a border collie that would chase the geese off the course. He showed up at the first hole and hung out with us the whole round. He never got in the way, did his business in the woods and was a complete gentleman, until he goes tearing into the water to scare off the geese. That was quite entertaining to watch.  
My wife has joined me on the course. She doesn't play though. She'll usually come along when I'm playing with friends' whose wives play. She likes to drive the cart too. I'm having trouble seeing any logic in Shorty's statements about getting new women because he thinks that a woman who likes to be around you and share in your pastime is strange. I say say if your girlfriend/wife wants to be with you and share your life, it's all good!
Most forums of any merit wouldn't allow threads about religion in the first place. The funny thing is this thread still exists three years later and it was started by the forum "leader". This place is laughable.
I don't usually log into this forum as of late, but you sir, are a first rate idiot.
Oh man, I just started a thread with that gif. Sorry for repeating.
New Posts  All Forums: