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I'm not sure if this is something you'd like to do but there's a company that will refinish your clubs all around including the lettering. They do gunmetal, satin chrome, and any color lettering you'd like. I love my mp67's so much I've been thinking about doing this. http://restorationgolf.com/refinished-irons.aspx
As we speak I have only one putter. I've never felt the putter was the problem. If I miss the putt it's because I made a bad stroke. In 15 years of playing golf I've only had 5 putters.
I never had many rounds in the 100's when I first started playing. It took me about 3 years to break into the 70's. Now I hover around high 70's low 80's. A great round for me is about 75. All things relative. My home coures is 72.3/132 from the tees I play.
With me it depends. If I'm playing skins with someone in my group, and he gives me the putt I'll take it because its defacto match play. If its inside a foot I'll just tap it in. I've had times with friends where its two feet out with a L to R break (my least favorite) and someone gives me the putt, I'll tell them no I'll putt it. Really for handicap purposes. I have yipped that one more times than I care to talk about.
How many times will you see within 5 min. of each other Phil wiff a flop shot, Tiger chunk one in the bunker and Ernie put a ball in the water with a fairway wood. Just goes to show you they do make mistakes.
OK, I am officially locked out. I did a search on both of my hard drives for any file with Scorecard in it and there is not a license to be found. I take that back. there is one for license image, but that does nothing for me. This bad boy is paid for. Now what do I do?
This is my problem also. I probably blow anywhere from 3-5 strokes a round because of this. My problem stems from my front heel lifting off the ground, which changes my spine angle. If my heel slightly comes up its a block to the right. If it comes up severe I either skull or top the ball. I have tried so many things to keep this from happening. I was putting more weight on my front foot. Puting weight on the balls of my feet, all seem to work for a round or two...
I am probably the only person in the world that roots against Tiger everytime he tees it up. Except in the Ryder and President's Cup. Now that's not his fault. It's the media's fault for trying to make him messianic. I digress. I listened to everyone of his press conferences and thought he was most professional. He complimented all the players on their play, Y.E. included. He also commented how Y.E. beat him in Japan. I think I watched all the coverage and didn't...
I have to agree with Erik. He still blocks an occasional tee shot out to the right, but he's alot better now than he was then. His putting under Hank is outstanding. He's probably the only person who thinks a 30 foot putt is going in every time. And he makes alot of them. Just look at his front nine on Sunday at Firestone.
As horrible as I played today I had one great ball striking hole. The 4th hole at Dragon Ranch. It plays about 420 yards. I pulled a driver left, but somehow it kicked back in the fairway. Then hit a 7 iron from 158 pin high about 20 feet right. Two putted for par. My only shining moment of the day. Everything else was army golf.
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