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Yeah well how many people listen to indie as opposed to Rap and Pop? It's horrible. When it comes to musicians having talent and being able to play their instruments any form of progressive metal, hell metal beats anything else my generation can throw at them.
I'm glad you said something about that. I was playing someone once who normally took practice swings next to his ball but while I was playing him for a spot on varsity in high school he managed hit his ball into some high grass and took some practice swings behind his ball. (taking out all the grass behind the ball) Giving him a nice lie and a nice shot. I never did speak up about it. It would have been a charlie foxtrot of a situation.
I'm sure we're all aware of that Leek.
You're good to go with a Sand Wedge (56 degrees) You don't need a lob wedge.
hahahaha that's hilarious.
Yeah good luck with that in my neck of the woods. That shot would be just as hard, if not harder than the flop-shot. It's such a finesse shot. Now depending on how deep into the rough you are, you could use the toe of your putter if it's a blade style. But more times than not using a iron, wedge, or even a fairway wood or hybrid will be the better bet.
Eh none of you are going to believe it, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I didn't actually see it, but it happened during a members tournament a few years back. My cousin who happened to be 17 at the time ripped a drive on a par 4 at the club I play for. It's 444 yards long, flat, and straight I kid you not his drive rolled up on the front of the green and interrupted one of the members that was putting. Now that 444 is measured from the tees to the middle of the...
Bravo to you. That's fantastic.
Hit a worm burner at your attacker. They'll think twice. Hell throw a ball down and hit driver off the deck at them. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.
I'll second that. I forgot to mention to practice the shot over and over until you get bored with it. It'll save your butt when you have to get the ball up and down very quickly. Good luck.
New Posts  All Forums: