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I was up there on thursday, you have no idea how hard that course is playing, there were no birdie chances on day 1, camillo's round was unbelievable on that course. Hardest holes - 6th Seen John Daly hit a driver into the green, narrowly missing a bunch of fans on the mound to the right of the fairway bunker, like were talking metres from there head. 1st is unbelievably tight 11th tee shot was mind blowing.
My Picks - 1.Romero 2.Garcia 3.Casey 4.Rose 5.Goosen
I don't see how you people can say you play by the letter of the law, there are over 200 pages in the rulebook, so you cannot possibly no every rule by heart, you may try to play by the rules whatever, but i would be willing to bet your breaking some of them.
i'm going for Tom Sherreard, an amateur from my club who just won local final qualifying at southport and ainsdale. Now how many of you could say you've played with a major winner. C'mon Tom!
ERMMM - Bring Waterproofs!!
KENT, ENGLAND - You can if you bring your waterproofs!!!
I just found out that in the club champs 1st round i have to tee off at wait for it...7.37!! Now that may not seem too bad for most of you, but since i broke up after my exams, i havent seen that sort of time for a while. I believe i may be going to bed at roughly 7.30 to compensate... for the Next WEEK!!!
PUTTING! best way to improve scores, simple as. a missed four footer is the same as topping a shot, now what makes you angrier, think about it.
And i DID!! i was standing bout 10yards in front of the lake and hit a scabby squezy fade OOB, got soo annoyed cos was 1 under through 8, gave the Vokey a bit of recoil, straight into the lake. Stripped down to my boxers and dived in, believe me avoid swimming in lakes if possible, F***ing freezing and have about a meeter of slimy mush at the bottom, i had to keep diving down and feeling my way around the bottom until i treaded on the grip which was sticking bolt...
Nothing gets more beat up than Pro-v's, its a joke 1 crisp wedge shot and theres a great big gash in my ball.
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