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Find me a popular artist (any style) today that can release a good album top to bottom. Maybe Lil Wayne, who else?   I listened to the Travis Barker remix - I don't see what was so cool about it. Took a perfectly good track and ruined it with rock guitars. I guess if you grew up with rock music (nonstop distortion guitar) then maybe the remix was an "improvement."
One thing to keep in mind. The yardage books I see on TV, or in person, appear to have a plastic or laminated cover. This makes sense, because the guys keep them in their back pocket which is going to be a sweaty area during the summer. I would avoid leather or paper covers, unless you're not going to put it into your pocket.
Way to be a buzzkill...Considering the 2010 Viking wasn't on live TV, and did not contribute points to FedEx Cup, and was opposite the Ryder Cup, I think the general opinion is that a move to the main season is an upgrade. I would expect a larger set of "stars" in July than I would late October. Plus live TV.
The Viking used to be a part of the fall series, mostly made up of guys scrambling to earn enough to keep their tour card. As a volunteer I just received info that the 2011 Viking will be in July, and will give points to the FedEx Cup. I said "sort of promoted," because of two reasons - now the Viking will be opposite the British Open, and it will only provide half the normal number of points to the FedEx Cup. But all in all a good step I think for a tourney in the...
If I don't see it, it didn't happen.Next time they come to you with their tall tales of low scores without you, the above statement should be the first thing out of your mouth.
Many PEOPLE, not just celebs, stay married after an affair. I know people that even had a kid with another woman, and have stayed married. It's not just celebs.And why assume people stay together only for financial reasons? If you've ever been married, you should know that it would not be easy to just throw away all that time together, all those shared experiences, just because of a single incident. Now if someone is routinely cheating with others, then they really don't...
This is really unfortunate. If this (putting the hole on a slope) was done on the PGA tour, the players would scream at the top of their lungs at how unfair it is, and that it's not a true test of golf skill, only luck. If guys who get paid 6 and 7 figures wouldn't put up with it, why should we have to deal with this when I'm trying to have fun? I agree with the previous poster - don't play courses that pull these stunts, and let them know why.
The PGA guys are out in the sun all day, every day. Their risk of skin cancer is 1000 times more than the average once or twice a week guy. Unless I see a significant numbers of pros wearing a "solar sleeve" I will consider them a solution in search of a problem. Put on your sunscreen at #1 and #10 - what more do you need?
Whay are you blaming the hacker? It's the courses fault for not having their netting high enough! If he really hit that many over the net, then the net is substandard. LOL!
Isn't the owner of the course/range at fault also, for not sorting through their balls and separating range balls from lost balls? They should not have the right to take my ball and add it to the pile of range balls, just because I mishit my drive...LOL!
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