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Jesus. Your short game must suck.
Not hitting down on the ball. It doesn't take a ••••ing genius to figure out that you don't have to help the ball in the air.
Michael Vick's going to throw for 497 yards with 7 TDs via passing. And 321 yards with 4 TDs running. And the Eagles will still lose.
I think once Mr. T tackled Chuck Norris in Chuck's backswing once causing him to hit his tee shot just right of the flag stick. He was 2 feet behind a California redwood and had no direct line to the flag. He then proceeded to hit a flop shot with his 1-iron, slam dunking it in the hole. So he's 1 for 1 in the "flush" category.
My advice: don't leave yourself with 50 yard pitches to elevated greens.
Please, God can't even hit a 1-iron. And I think Chuck Norris hit it flush only once or twice.
When I have my cell phone wedged in between my right ear and my right shoulder it increases my distance by 30 yards. Plus it doesn't get in the way of my plaid trucker hat which I wear backwards. I feel it's a lot easier to keep my phone there instead of it fitting in snug in my bullhead slim jeans I bought at PacSun. After birdies I love making out with my playing partners (all males) who all have their matching cargo shorts they bought at American Eagle....
Not unless Aroldis Chapman gets deported.
Wow. You fags have the worst taste in music. Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi. Two of my heroes.
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