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 They were able to do 18-hole playoffs in the days before cable TV (only three networks in the US).  Surely with an entire channel devoted to golf, TV coverage isn't a problem. How does TV handle the NBA, NHL and MLB, where a playoff series can last anywhere from 4 to 7 games?  A golf tourney that may last a fifth day can't be that much of a problem.
 He did have an eagle attempt.  It looked real enough to me.  And Dustin is hardly guaranteed to have 12 feet for eagle every time he plays the hole.   I agree with that.
 Wow.  In this Age of Universal Obesity, people will pay $300 to walk a course?  And the course can find caddies who can also walk ten miles? Sounds like the 1950s have returned.  Maybe they all smoke cigarettes as well.
When I saw that putt of Snedeker's jump a foot into the air, I was thinking maybe Horschel had a point ...
Yeah.  Close to last place.
 I'm starting to think that it's really physical, not mental.  Too many operations.
They didn't SAY uniquely scary but I thought it was implied.  The mentioned a tennis court as a sanctuary and no other sporting venue, when it's clear that there are sporting venues where players are far less protected (golf and cycling, as I mentioned.  You could add marathoning and triathlon among others). 
Channel-surfing today, I happened across a few minutes of the French Open tennis tournament where the announcers (including John McEnroe and Mary Carillo) were discussing this incident:   http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/tennis/french/2015/05/24/roger-federer-fan-court-french-open/27878889/   They were both quite upset, saying that the tennis court is an inviolable sanctuary and that such incidents are "scary".  Of course, mention was made of the Monica Seles...
I suppose when your occupation is "bikini model" it doesn't take much to feel overdressed.
 Rickie should take her shopping with some of the money he won.  It looks like she doesn't own very many clothes.
New Posts  All Forums: