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I suppose when your occupation is "bikini model" it doesn't take much to feel overdressed.
 Rickie should take her shopping with some of the money he won.  It looks like she doesn't own very many clothes.
I still have a soft spot for the old days of coming back Monday for an 18-hole playoff.   Even some non-majors used to do that.
I wondered why the TV guys were talking about Fowler putting together a finish when he was -6,  There were so many others ahead of him.   Shows what I know.
This is an obsolete American automobile:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/REO_Motor_Car_Company   It is two syllables:  REE-oh   This is a Japanese golfer:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryo_Ishikawa   His name is one syllable:  Ryoh   If you really want to get technical, the o should be about double length of an English o, but ryoh is close enough for an English speaker.  But not REE-oh.   This is for those people at NBC, the Golf Channel, and anyone else who...
It's not just reputation.  The story sounded fishy from the beginning.
Well, how many knee operations has Walker had?
 Hmmm.  Frank Beard wrote a book in 1969 in which he said that winning two tournaments in a season would become vanishingly rare very soon, because the talent level was so deep. Yet here we are ...
Witness's version conflicts with Allenby's:   http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/golf/65206914/conflicting-versions-of-events-over-golfer-robert-allenbys-kidnapping-emerge
So why aren't there 80 guys getting beat up every week? As for l'affaire Allenby, I think there's a lot we're not being told ...
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