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Not sure I understand about the players themselves deciding when to quit due to darkness.  There must be some sort of trigger.  Otherwise a player with, say, a medical problem could decide at 3PM on a sunny afternoon to say "it's too dark", go in for medical treatment and come back tomorrow.   Now suppose Phil had decided on the 18th tee or even on the fairway that it was too dark to play.  Could Ricky have finished on his own?  Would Phil's decision be binding on Rory...
Had this ended in a tie, I get the feeling Rory would have insisted on going ahead with the playoff tonight.
 People are born in the eras they're born in.  It has nothing to do with "fortunate".  It makes more sense to say Tiger Woods is fortunate to be born post-PGA-Caucasian-Clause.  Actually, if you want to place pro athletes in general in different eras, all the past ones are unfortunate because the money is so much bigger now.  Hogan's career earnings were something like $332,000.
 Which has nothing to do with his skill.  Nobody could touch Bobby Fischer at chess in his prime, and he was a complete *******.  Compared to Fischer, Hogan was Mr. Friendly.   A great many things were different.  That doesn't mean they were disorganized or unevolved.At least they didn't let TV run the whole thing. Tiger Woods just lets the TV people do that for him.
I don't think she ever had this as a "previous form". This is better. She may look like a contortionist doing it, but she's actually learned to putt well.
Any consideration given to Gary Player's shot in the 1972 PGA, described here (number 4)?:   http://bleacherreport.com/articles/234199-top-five-greatest-shots-in-pga-championship-history
 Yes, the sister-kissing line implies ties are a mixed bag.  Of course they are.  Losses are not.  They're just bad. But it's not enough to quote slogans. Interesting you'd mention football.  I'm thinking in particular of college football.  Remember what it was like before overtime (1996, I think)?  Remember what "having stones enough to go for the win" meant? Yes, the two-point conversion to win or lose.  Those games didn't end in ties, but the addition of overtime has...
 Maybe this deserves a thread of its own, but ... Why?  Not just the PC and Foursum Golf, but why the general antipathy to any sporting event ending in a tie?  It seems to be a disease of the times.  In the history of sport, most sports have accepted ties at some point.  They may be common (soccer) or rare (dead heats in horse racing) but they've always been there.  That is, until the last generation or so, when tie-breaking has become a mania such that the playing of a...
He's got a bit over 3 years to do it.   Last chance for a comeback.   Can he be a superstar on the old guys' tour?
And all public courses will go broke.
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