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Bump? Anyone with info?
Hey all- I've been playing golf for about three years and absolutely love it. All my friends were serious players in high school and that wasn't exactly conducive to hacking around with them... when I got to college I decided to give it a shot, and like everyone here (I'm assuming) I totally got the bug. Anyway, I'm 23 and have been playing for 3 years and am ready to get rid of my junky, poorly fitting, too stiff, graphite, Adams GT2 Undercut irons. I've been...
Going to start a new thread (as soon as I can...), but I'm thinking long and hard about the Tour Edge Geomax irons. I currently hit Adams GT3's (super super cheap, great to make sure I was serious about this game though)
Interesting stuff in this thread... I'm a real new player, and have a tendency to always grab my lob wedge because playing high shots is so much fun. Reading this once again reminds me it is about scoring... and you don't score with 50 foot high flops from 20 yards out!
Quite a story, not that I'm one to believe anything that begins with Fwd: !!
I'm new here as well, currently going to school in Austin... still working on the Hook 'em thing. It doesn't quite come naturally yet!
Law student here!
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