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I also have a straight back, straight through stroke and have been using a center shafted putter for the last four years. I think they are better balanced for that type of stroke. I had been playing the SC Red-X 2 but wanted to try a blade, so I went to the SC Newport 2.6 about six months ago and love it. 
  I see your point. But on the other hand, he is "The Donald". I really think he doesn't care about respecting Augusta as long as he could beat them.
Recently I have been watching the Donald Trump show on TGC about him creating his course in Ireland and how he loves building golf courses. Good show, I like it. But while watching the Masters coverage today, I started wondering why Donald Trump hasn't taken on the task of trumping Augusta (sorry for the pun). But really, he loves having the best of everything. We all know that Augusta is THE most hallowed grounds of golf in the US. Why has he not set out to build a...
I voted the way I did for the simple fact that it would be a "once in a lifetime" thing. Even knowing I probably wont score well, but it's just so damn beautiful. And I would definately pay that price if I could bring my Father and a couple friends.
I am usually playing competitive golf either against myself (if I'm solo) or friends (match play usually) when I tee it up.  
I was talking to a friend last night about this. He is one of my picks to win for sure.
Yeah I grew up near Salinas, and you would see the tractors "disking" the fields all the time getting ready for the next crop. But doing that to a fairway??? That pro is a tool.
Nice job on your putter. Looks very clean.
Nice job Tarantula. I like the yellow, it really pops!
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