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Excellent point, I'll have to check into that.
Thank you for the tip, I will definitely give this a try!
I'm just getting to the point where I can hit the ball straight a lot of the time. However, I seem to have trouble aiming. I almost always go left of my target (which is a good change because I used to always slice). Perhaps I'm still trying to mentally compensate for a slice? At any rate, I just can't tell where I'm aiming - someone said to lay a club in front of your feet and it will point to your target. Is that good advice? I've always thought the club face...
Prime golf weather is just around the corner, so you might consider clubs. However, I do love my TV - 56" Samsung DLP. Over the air HD is phenomenal! Don't have cable or satellite but my blu-ray player streams netflix. (Something else you might want to look into)
11 tonight with a high of 28 tomorrow, don't think there will be any golf soon
??? After reading 5 Lessons I am certain his "secret" was practice. Lots and lots of practice.
I highly recommend Sony MDR-V6. You'll see them in use in studios a lot. Comfortable and sound great for under $100.
2006 Toyota Tacoma 4 door 4x4
Just got done reading it myself. Fantastic descriptions. I wish it had more drills though. I know you are supposed to practice each "lesson" but there is a ton of stuff in each.
Happens a lot. I tend to think a shot has gone farther than it really did, with my shots and others as well.
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