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Sweet. Thanks for the link.
Wow...I thought their strength was the long slow and low smokes at the 200 degree level.
It's getting close to the time when I will be retiring my trusty but rusty grill. I've been considering a Big Green Egg. There are so many neat benefits, however the cost is steep enough that I want to approach this cautiously. I'd love to hear the pro's & con's from owners.
Never owned or carried a retriever...but on occasion used someone elses.
Golf is such an individual sport....I find it humerous that some feel the need to club everyone. I played my home course yesterday with a good friend. We come to an uphill 175 yard par 3. He's a beast (college linebacker ten years ago). He's got honors on the tee box and for some reason asks me what I'm hitting....I laugh and show him my 5 iron. He proceeds to hit a towering shot pin high with, it turns out, an 8 iron. I hit a decent shot to the back left fringe. We...
I would think the higher launching Diamana would be best in a hybrid...especially seeing as how the fitter suggested the higher launching Matrix over the Voodoo for your other two.Good luck with your new sticks!!!!
True that.....I submit the shanked drives I opened my round with today.
I thought golf courses were the last places on earth where you could smoke freely.
$6 per club for Tour Velvets. $10 per club for New Decade Multi-Compounds. (they will last twice as long).
Sweet clubs!!!! No substitution for a Vette but it should ease the pain. Have fun in Japan....try not to drink too much! (my time there was a hazy memory....our hosts saw to it that our glasses never were empty).
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