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For what it's worth....I should have hung onto my Sumo 4 hybrid. Not liking this G15 near as much.
Love my Radar Range with the golf lens. I need to find something that will help them shed sweat in another month.
No thanks.
I really like the shafts in my sig line.
As partial as I am to dear Augusta, I'm gonna say the US Opens.
Two best sticks for me are my SW & 5 Wood. Couldn't have played my round today without them. The 5 Wood set up some nice layups that left me full or nearly full SW shots. I made some sweet pitches and two quality bunker shots that saved pars with my SW also.
I never want to give up my 5 wood.
I like the PTS tees with the yellow stripe. Works perfectly with my driver.
I don't understand whether you are asking for opininions of drivers that are easier to work or not. It's not clear from your statements. If you do want to sacrifice some forgiveness for ease of shaping shots the go demo a Titleist 909D3.
I'd drop the 1 & 2 hybrids and add a 3 wood and gap wedge.
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