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The 07 & 08 Taylor Made Burners are extremely easy to hit from the ground. Nothing easier. My current fw woods launch almost as easy from the ground...especially the 5 wood.
My favorite club in the bag is my 5Wood. I hit it 20-30 yards further on average than a very well struck 4 hybrid. It's much easier to hit off the deck than a 3 wood (another stick I love, too). If I was just getting into the game like you are, I'd get much more use from a good 5 wood.
G10's custom made with your specs and shaft choices from Discount Dan's Golf for $209. G10 is a rock solid driver that is forgiving and very long. Great stick. Have never hit a Cleveland driver so I can't compare.
At the time I bought my irons, I could've gone with either the G5 or the G10. My Pingfitter said he'd get me the G5's with the newer AWT shaft and that the difference would be almost undetectable hower the price savings was huge. I can honestly say that I am very glad I went with these vs the newer G10s. I'm very glad I went with the AWT shaft, too. It fits my swing way better than the stock CS Lite. I've never hit the G15 irons but the appear to set up very, very...
Way to tough it out. Funny way to learn but you never would if you hadn't continued and perservered.
Backspinsalot, just curious if your 11 hcp is from having to rack up all those additional strokes from having to putt and chip all those approach shots you spin back off the green. Without all that expception spin from your non-forged forged wedges you may even be a single digit.
Bingo, Cussin Hacker !!!!! Ah...my kingdom for a smooth swing.... I've been really working on overhauling my swing. My old swing was a rare back, grip it and rip it style that relied on precise timing for everything to work. Guess what....precise timing was not always in the cards. As a result, I scrambled way more than my buddies. I've finally begun to reduce my backswing length and compact everything.....the results are very promising...straighter flights and...
I tried a hybrid to replace my fw woods...results not good. I do better with the fw woods staying and the hybrids replacing my 3&4 irons.
You nailed it right down the middle!
I really like the 3 on tee shots, too. I just seem to be in more spots where the 5 is the "right" stick on my course. Number 16, par 3, 191 yards -- forced carry off the tee over a swamp. It shines here. Second shots on most of the par 5 holes. The shaft in these two sticks seems to have more backbone than my 07 Burner 3 wood. I don't lose these to the left near as much. It's funny cause I haven't had a 5 wood in the bag for a few years. Now I can't imagine not...
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