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I like my curret DComp & shaft fairly well. Over the last two years though I really went nuts over the G10. Best head I've ever used...superb distance and accuracy. You can order them made to your specs from Discount Dans Golf for $209...! I was dumb for selling mine to experiment with other shafts/lofts/heads.
Guess what....they can be just as embarassed. Work on your self confidence. Know who you are and what you stand for. Be confident that you are headed in the right direction in life. This will appeal to the right kind of girls. The more you chat with them, the more comfortable you will be. Make it your goal to befriend a girl....just for friends sake. She can help you gain confidence through day to day interaction. She can even help introduce you to her...
That is exactly right.
Wonder how well it gauges vertical misses? I think I'd get more from hitting pine cones in the backyard.....and much cheaper.
Bridgestone E5 / E5+ is a high spin ball that is a two piece construction.
I've played the E5's a good bit...I'll have to try the E6's, too. I'm concerned with them not holding the greens as well, though. I've got several sleeves of Callaway HX Hot balls that I bought on a great sale. I've played them the last two rounds and don't feel real confident in them around the greens. They are great off the tee but some of my full lob wedge shots hit and released a large distance from where my ProV1's used to. They would come in screaming and bite...
Nice work....good luck and continued sucess with the new wand.
Exactly right!!!! I played in a foursome today with some friends. We've played a lot of golf together but never as a group at my new home track...point being, yardages on the 5 par 3's were something new to discuss (we are fairly loose with this type of conversation...nothing too serious, just share yardages). Anyway three of us are mid level hacks and one guy is a decent player. One of the hacks kept asking him on every par3 tee...what club did you just hit? My...
Cool. Glad everything worked out for you. The HD golf is gonna make you an advocate for the whole project!!! Of course watching chick-flicks with your wife will be the true cost. Here's a iPhone pic of my set. Tiger is walking to his hooked tee shot on the first tee at the Masters.
Pic finally made it.
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