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These past few rounds have been finding me relying heavily on my new 5 wood. It's only been in the bag a short period but it's fast becoming my favorite stick. Hopefully it will persuade the others to be more tolerant of my lacking skills. You can see from the sole wear that it's been well used. I needed a go-to club for 190-215...this is working well.
You've got to go with the set that inspires confidence and works best for you. You can sell your G5's to soften the blow or order some G5 wedges ($60 each) to match your set. I personally love mine more than the Vokeys, Clevelands and Bridgestone wedges I've tried. I realize that goes against the grain of what most on here would say.
I ruled out plasma due to the high ambiant light levels and glare that exhist in my den. We like bright sunlight in our rooms and dont want to compromise that. That being said...I passed on some unreal deals on larger plasma tv sets. It hurt to do so. I've always wanted a Sony so I gave them a hard look. We zeroed in on a 52" Sony Bravia 120 hz and been highly pleased with it. The Sony operating system enhances the image quality of images less than 1080p...and...
I agree. Watching the Masters this year on my new HD set was a super golf experience. Football on HD is pretty awesome, too. I'm in no hurry to do anything beyond HD for the forseeable future. My parents recently visited and I was laughing all week at their reaction....Dad was picking out what ball the players were using....Mom was laughing at the make-up bleminshes uncovered by the HD broadcasts.
Take the equipment out of it as golfers of each era are playing against the field who are similarly equiped. I think the talent would prevail from any era to any other given an acclimation period with the gear. It would be interesting to see our modern champs duel it out on a classic venue using early gear on Thursday from the late 1800's, Friday from the 1930's, Saturday from the 1970's and Sunday with their modern gear.
I agree. Such a shame but outstanding display of sportsmanship.
I also went from a non-offset "players" iron to the G5. I enjoy the offset, though. I find that I get the best results when I set up with a small amount of forward shaft lean. It is a large visual difference at address, though. I can fully understand your struggle to get accustomed to it. Like others have said, maybe the I series is your stick.
I've used the one in my sig line for the last two years. It works really well...opens up for use in less than 15 seconds...no kidding. It's easy to push. It's a very substantial piece of gear...solid and sturdy. I was initially concerned with the weight when I hefted the box in the store, but it's proven to be nothing objectionable on the course. I thing that Sun Mountain now makes a four wheel version very simular...haven't tried one but it is even...
I get that feeling on far too few shots every round...but these rarefied purer shots keep me coming back.
Cool. Hope it goes well with your wife and hope the putter works nicely for you.
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