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11 months since I last replied to this post. My G5 irons are staying in the bag another year or two...the wedges are the best for me of any I've tried. The G10 fairways didn't work for me...nor did the hybrid. I am longing for my G10 head back again so I can try different shafts. It was the best driver head I've used.
In very general terms I'd say those yardages would best be covered by a regular flex. Best to try a couple and see for yourself.
There diffent weights available in stff flex. I'm sure his pro mated him with a good fit.The V2 is a stellar shaft with a loyal following.
Did you also try one of the older G10 drivers? I'd love to hear opinions between the two.
I never leave them in the car for more than a few minutes...like if I'm shopping on the way home from the course. I had a driver head come off due to that heat.
My new track has much more firm faiways than I'm used to. Good grass, just much more firm. Descending blow with all clubs except driver. I tee my driver lower and get more roll out. Some guys there even switched drivers to drop to less loft.
Looks real to me. The stock cover has grown on me over this past 1.5 years. The stock grip is the best I've ever used.
I use the ones they come with.
Yes but not when chipping and putting.
Wonder if he's been spitting in any more cups lately. Some perverse side of my psyche takes great pleasure from his poor play. Sort of like watching a bratty child punished. I also felt the same way watching Tiger give his interview on 18 last Sunday...the game sort of spanked him a bit. Phil's swashbucking victory must be a bitter pill for young Eldrick.
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