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Double sided tape & solvent is the only way I'll do it.
G2 is an outstanding stick!!!!! The biggest growth has been in the shafts. There may be a new shaft that'd work better for you.
Annual grip changes are good. You can stretch that a bit with corded grips. The cords on my iron & wedges are now 12 months old and I'll most likely change them to GPride NDMC before this summer.
It does sound as if you have the fever for new gear. I can only sympathize as I've been bitten by that bug before as well. Good luck!!!!
Yup...same here. Nothing to it and a cold beer after a fun round is always a good thing.
My best results are when I replace long irons with hybrids and leave the woods alone. I really struggled badly when I tried to replace fairway woods with hybrids. It was an experiment that yielded crappy results.
Well said. I've followed Tiger closely since his blazing performance during the 1997 Masters. His on course acheivements have been nothing short of awesome. He's helped elevate the $$$$ for all the golfers on tour. He's inspired many to take up the game. He's done a lot through his foundation and other charitable undertakings. He has become a role model for many of our youth. That is natural, I suppose. He does owe them, as he said himself during his conference...
Confidence in your putter frees up your stroke....
What's the history of that particular ball you were playing? I'll tell you why I ask. My initial results-opininions with the ProV1 were based on experiences I had with found balls. That certainly was unfair because "fresh-from-the-box" ammo performed much, much better.Maybe you had a recovered ball that had been out in the elements and was diminished in performance.
I don't mean to be funny but blisters after a bucket of balls and nine holes seems odd. I don't know what to suggest. I seem to remember getting fairly bad blisters when I first started playing back in the early-mid nineties. I always used the basic rubber tour wraps. I later learned that these were undersized for me and I went to a larger grip and things seemed to improve. Long daily range sessions beating balls with small grips seemed to be the norm. In emergency...
New Posts  All Forums: