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I found some Callaway Tour iX balls at WalMart for $30/dz. Not a bad playing ball. I went through a couple in today's round.
I feel for the guy. I'm dealing with a messed up left knee. I feel for him!
I recently tried the Cleveland Classic heel shafted that resembles Phil's putter. I thought it was an exceptional value.
I typically by Titleist Players gloves (blemish models from a local store).I bought some TaylorMade Targa gloves from rockbottomgolf.com that do very well, also.The current faves are Bridgestone players gloves. Saw these on sale at TGW.com. Wore one today, super glove.
Went through a knee re-injury 1.5 yrs ago......couldn't golf for a while. I didn't want my game to suffer, though, during the layoff. I found I could still practive putt at a nearby course with a sweet practice green. Thing is, I had to modify my stance to a more upright and natural stance, no crouching, no pain in the knee. This led to a host of changes...most of which were spurred on by reading Stan Utley's putting book. I came to realize during this period that...
I did many years ago....back in the original Big Bertha Warbird S2H2 days. I haven't tried lately with my large volume driver.
One thing I can thank the Haney show for is exposure to the series "Men of a Certain Age". I've been watching this ever since hearing about it and am hooked. I've got 2 episodes on my DVR that I will watch early tomorrow morning with a pot of java before meeting some buddies over at Applewood Golf Course...nice little country course.
Sounds solid to me.
Sounds like a plan!!!! Golf is always best when the confidence level is high. Hit 'em good!!!
70-115 yards: 70-85 is SW 85-100 is UW 100-115 is PW I swear, I should order another matching SW while I can get one as I'm on course for wearing mine out. I use that beloved 54 for so many shots it ought to be illegal. Aside from my putter it's my favorite stick by far.
New Posts  All Forums: