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The question was about averages, which is not selective or about potential.  Those of you that have “bad” or “high” handicaps do not possess the tools to average 275 (let alone 300).  That’s not me being critical, that’s just basically about mechanics and ability.  A snap hook off the toe or a can of corn off the crown all count towards your average people.  I have no doubt that when “you really catch it” you can get distances in excess of 300 but you ARE NOT doing this...
LOL, too funny.  Athleticism, flexibility, and strength ABSOLUTELY contribute to swing speed.  Those attributes coupled with a fundamentally sound swing ultimately decide how far you are going to hit the ball.    Leave out the other variables like wind, elevation, hardness of fairways, etc….    I’ve heard the television adds like 15 lbs…..i think the internet adds about 30 yards 
I have a big fluffy troll doll headcover.....it's a trip.  Knit wool headcovers on my 3-wood and hybrid.
Sounds to me like you fell into his trap along with the numerous playmates 
I’ll preface this by saying I in no way shape or form condone gambling      We have money games Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (they range from $10 - $30 and we get between 10 and 24 guys).  I have a standing $10 bet (stroke play) with another guy and we typically pay out at the end of each month.  He called me up Saturday pm and wanted to go double or nothing (because I was up $70) and of course I obliged because I was playing with house money.    Front...
3 hour rounds on the weekends….and that is walking, numerous tournaments throughout the year, universal membership that takes pride in the upkeep and appearance of the course, etc…….
Couldn’t disagree more. A lot of players would be better served practicing and repeating shots they will encounter during everyday course play.  The “one off” shots are a waste to practice for the vast majority of amateurs.  You know why I don’t practice one-foot-in-one-foot-out bunker shots……because I may only see that shot twice per year.  Same holds true for knockdown 7-iron shots from 90 yards.  Instead I utilize that practice time to chip from rough (a shot I...
One more thing on this.  IMO a blended set is the best of both worlds for many on the fence about blades. 
My father put a golf club in my hand when I was 5 and sent me to a pro when I was 7.  Hockey was my main love and I played from the time I was 4 all the way through college.  Golf was just something I did to spend time with my father and as I got older (teen years) I lost interest.  Wasn’t until I turned 30 that I truly fell in love with the game.  I don’t read “How To” manuals nor do I care about Ben Hogan’s life story but I am very cerebral and understand simple swing...
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