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My personal preference is that both feel great, I just do not like the dot instead of the sight line. I just could not get good alignment with the Circa 62 so I sold it.
I have a set of 735.cm chrome if interested.
I think this is what it was. I went to the range today and worked on a drill which takes the position at the top thoughts out of my head and just focuses on weight shift and getting to my finish. I hit the ball much better aside from the few hooks. Thanks for all the help keep them coming cause I always like new drills.
You are talking about height not launch. More spin may climb high but has a lower launch angle. Like Erik said, if you have high spin with a high launch it will balloon like crazy. A low launch low spin ball may not stop on a green.
I seem to be pushing everything right about 10-15 yards of target. No slice, just a straight push. I assume my swing is on the correct path and I am just not closing the face. Anyone have any drill that I can work on to get the club face closed or ideas of what else would be causing this. Thanks!!
Because wedges get used so much that I only buy new wedges, and usually, I can get them locally at the same price after shipping as new wedges from Ebay. If I were to run across a new wedge that was for a good price, that would be another story. Good luck!
I agree! I have only been scammed once on a $20 shaft and the other 30 items I bought off ebay were great. It is hard to pay that extra money to the golf store. I do buy some things from the golf store to stay in good graces with them, but clubs (other than wedges) come from Ebay.
I go with a square back foot because I think it makes my right leg more solid and creates more torque in the back swing. I have never had a problem with not enough turn, maybe to much at times.
One of my biggest faults in my swing is when I start to think about what my wrist is doing. I have found that if I have the proper posture and a smooth back swing, the wrist take care of themselves. Also, I found out through video that what I THINK is cupped at the top is really flat, and what I THINK is flat at at the top is really bowed. I am talking about my own swing and your may not be the same, but may be something to look in to. Good luck with the changes and be...
First thing is that you are hitting golf balls with flip flops on. Tenis shoes, if no golf shoes, will offer better balance and stbility through the swing. Secondly, I strongly agree with reading a book to learn the fundamentals of the grip, stance, and posture. Third would be to make sure your weight is getting over to your left side and you are not hanging back through the swing. When you are just starting, I would suggest plenty of range balls focusing on posture and...
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