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Congratulations on 10 years! I created an account on 3/22/06 and have held a few roles during the years. The best thing for me was the opportunity to write for the TST for several years and meet and play golf with some incredible guys in PA and NC. Erik is a friend and it's been great to see this site and his other endeavors succeed.  Here's to another 10+ years!   Alan
  Enjoy Camp Randall! Night games are a special festivity to say the least. As for the Badgers, the schedule hasn't been the greatest and the defense (which is not as good as last year) has not been tested yet. The offense however is much better than last year with the addition of Russell Wilson. They've barely had to run it down people's throats so far as he's been that good (and WI is three deep at tailbabck). I think you are right with the 7-10 point spread. I don't...
Best post in the thread!  
Norm,   Great story and thank you for sharing. Stay safe and keep us up to date with your activities.   Alan
Nick, Welcome to The Sand Trap! Enjoy your time participating in the forums.   Welcome!   Alan
I golfed with a guy a few years ago that had the same issue. He swung so hard he caved in a driver and 3-wood almost every year. Crazy. FWIW, I have nothing but great luck with TM customer service with a couple of drivers in the past. They should be able to help you out.   Alan
I would call Callaway's customer service # and relay the serial number to them.   http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-US/CustomerService.html
Might be the coolest event of the three this weekend.
The LPGA plays two weekends in a row! Hard to call an event "classic' if it has only been around since 2007.   Who wins?
The guys tee it up at Cog Hill!   Discuss.
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