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I think you have to realize that he is the face of golf. And he will be for years to come. The amount of money that he generates for the game is crazy. Think about tv ratings for the rest of the year... Will anybody watch the British or the PGA now that Tigers out? Sure, but not all and if they do it will be just quick enough to see whose winning and then change the channel back to Rachel Ray. Tiger makes the game what it is today and I dont think its fair that you wont...
I work for a golf package company and get all the golf I can handle...
Has anyone been to Myrtle Beach before? Its a whole different scene... Its surprising how many holes on how many courses you remember. My favorite in Myrtle Beach is the Fazio course at Barefoot Resort. I shot 69 there about 8 months ago, one of my best rounds ever.
I have played all but 9 courses in the Myrtle Beach area. So, I think, it's 88 here. I've played all over Texas including Crown Colony and Colonial C.C. I played TPC at The Woodlands several times but it has lost its luster over the years. I saw Payne win there in '95. 1. About 250 2. TX, OK, NM, SC, NC 3. I keep all scorecards and yardage books from Myrtle Beach. I plan to lay them all out on a table and the cover them in resin. Only 9 courses to go!
I think I prefer Yeungling. I hope I spell that right! It's cheap... I'm new here if you cant tell... How do I show what stix I play with? Any info would be appreciated!
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